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Harmonizing in the Jungle: Spiritual Work skills


A reader sent a question about “work skills” to be used at work. That question sparked the following article.

Spiritually speaking, a work place is like entering in a jungle.

In the jungle there are many different animals. Those animals have different hierarchies, needs, understanding and “corporate culture.”

A person understanding spiritual laws, will look at that scenario from the “big picture” in order to be harmonious. Harmony is the most important “skill” that someone could bring.

Your experience in a particular skill is good. You can type plenty of words per minute; that is great… but those skills are not enough to live in harmony.

There you have the monkey: Joking around, doing lip service whenever there is a chance. You have the Giraffe, extending its long neck to find out the whereabouts of everyone. There you have the tigress, expressing her raw power through bossiness.

You have the lion; who supposedly is the King of the jungle, but in the “corporate reality” may be just a figurehead. The Elephant may do the work of telling everyone what to do. His sheer size could scare other employees even though; his title is of an “assistant of the Lion.”

Every jungle has its own animals. We need to recognize that environment beyond the work titles and “official” ways.

For example, you may want to help a wounded deer, not realizing that a Cheetah may have done “work.” That deer was going to be the Cheetah’s meal! If you try to be “helpful,” you may gain an adversary. We shouldn’t assume things but always look for firm territory to step on; otherwise, if we are not careful, we may step on a snake or we may step on quick sand! 😦

Email is a good way to land in firm territory whenever there is a dispute. Evidence is always good to have.

All animals in the jungle make different noises. Our own noise should harmonize as much as possible.

Every jungle has a game to play, get to know it and play it well. 🙂

We need to learn to be small kittens so we could enjoy a good atmosphere around us. We need to be “big tigers” as well, by being intelligent, clever and by saving our energy as much as possible. Act only when necessary. Wait and watch the game.

Blend in, be part of it, play the game, enjoy it and at the same time… be yourself! 🙂

Question: Dear Brother, I have a question related to karmic account… I am familiar with karmabhog which we get from other souls. But I want to know about the suffering and pain which we get due to our karma in this janam only… Is that my mistakes become the medium to give me suffering which i have given sometime to others?? I have ignored one problem in my project 6 months ago and I am getting the results for that, along with that I am so much underestimating myself since my boss is also blaming me hard for that… I don’t have any bad feeling for my boss but I am generating so much hatred for myself due to which my enthusiasm is going down. Please share your views according to gyan… Thanks… Om Shanti…

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,

According to Gyan, this is a movie. It is called the “Drama.” Whenever there is ego “popping up” we will inflict pain upon ourselves.

How? By talking to ourselves that what is happening we do not deserve it or the opposite, that I am “not good.” Ego thrives in its own drama made of thoughts. At any rate there is no acceptance of what is going on now and even though, we have the intellectual understanding that “everything is beneficial” we still doubt it and even we inflict pain upon ourselves through waste thoughts.

Accept that there was a mistake, learn from it and move on. To settle this karmic account depends solely on yourself. Your boss can say anything he wants, but that shouldn’t matter at the end of the day. It is just a job. It is a paycheck for you and nothing else.

When you have spirituality and spiritual knowledge, our priorities will change. If things are not suitable for you to stay in that environment, make the steps to leave and get another job. It is not worth to stay there and with that experience, you could offer your services someplace else and start from “scratch.”

We make mistakes. It is part of the experience of living. If we have not learned from them, we will repeat the “story.” There is no point on feeling guilty or “hating ourselves” for something that will repeat again in 5000 years… Think about it!

Learn and move your position from that pain quickly, that is have inner flexibility to look at things from another angle; the one which will allow you to grow by becoming aware of that ego.

Best wishes!

Question: Ambitions and being introverted in life

“brother, if a person is introvert not being social much…is limited in his student life. he has a bigger ambition, bigger dream as he not shows up in general. then suddenly one day he is introduced to gyan…getting advice and order to remain introvert. in the process his force of ambition which has become a much big plant as he didnt used it earlier…is much higher than the normal. to be more clear suppose one was spiritual from the beginning, so he got the vibes from others that “tech” is not for you. he soon felt the vibes of yes something lacking…now he want to go even ahead of normal..but what sould be the ambition? aim? why he should do it now? (as gyan explains truth does not need to be proved) …but still the “tech” part of him is not the truth. what should be his approach to make it truth not in terms of proving but to fill the space.”

Dear soul,

Thank you for your question!

Will try to follow your question the best I can. There are some things which may need to be clarified.

Being “introverted” in Spirituality does not have the same meaning as being “introverted” in life; that is being “shy.” Spiritual “introversion” means to clear the mind from emitting “noise.” That inner chatter. Those multiple personalities talking to “us,” so we can listen the “heart” rather than just others.

As mentioned before, “doing” is not the main goal for a spiritual awake person. It is “being.” In that sense many will “do” according to their level of awareness. Many times we are happy to listen to others, but we seldom listen to ourselves. Knowing is in that, once the inner “noise” is gone.

An ambition is a desire. Some may have this ambition to be “someone.” You can take the time and resources that life has given you to pursue that. Many find that once they reach those “goals” they are ready for something else, so their lives are a constant “hop” from goal to goal. They may say that their satisfaction is to go from goal to goal, that is jumping from one place into another.

For others, that is meaningless, for at the spiritual level we realize the importance of this time and to be awaken.

Therefore, that is the decision that this person in your example will need to make.

Our primary purpose usually is to find meaning in life. That can happen at the highest level once self realization is experienced. Our secondary purpose is the “doing,” the job, the work, etc. Once we understand this priority, things will fall into place by themselves.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother….its today 1mnth at BK and after first three days i felt that i was in touch with Paramaatma but after that there were no thoughts in next three-six days….worried i m not but still worried….I never trusted God but knew there is power….Yes many times said words scolded Him but never knew it is a forever journey…..Was in conflict with parents,sisters,wife,friends because of my ego but after i am family of BK i realise my mistakes but it seems i cannot let go those deeds…..actually i still do not know my mind is it in muddha,kshipta,vikshipta,ekagra or niruddha state…..i feel my mind has everything but still my mind has nothing is it blank will i ever get to reach the Ultimate Soul,My Father…..please help….i am small business man and yes i need money because i made a wife enter my life my parents want me to earn now my childrens want things and this way when i meditate these thoughts come yes i try to be deattatched but will i not be hurting them if i cannot perform my responsibilities…..please Brother show me a way……

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,

Your Drama is perfect. It is for you. Don’t think that you have to deny your family and work to be with God. That is just an idea which may work for some but no for others.

Spiritual efforts to maintain clarity of mind despite the situation is “true spirituality.” If you are dependent on others; what others tell you, that means that you do not have what it takes to discover your own path.

Trust life. Give yourself time for meditation, explore the self in this way. That is all what is needed. Let changes happen gradually. Improve your diet, provide the environment for your family to grow and prosper but you don’t have to provide for their whims and fantasies.

Don’t think that having greater free time means that you can “do more service,” or become “better” spiritually. That is a myth.

It is just about feeling the real self. Nothing more than that. If you could realize the self while in your small shop, that would be it. Nothing complicated, nothing exotic, nothing that requires money, nor social status nor a religion… not even “time”….just your complete awareness.

You can use your experience with God to guide you. Because you have experienced, you have a better idea on how to get there.

Best wishes!