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Vision and Attitude


As maturity increases, to acknowledge different perspectives, different viewpoints as valid, will be visible in our understanding of life.

A viewpoint is not just valid because it is “reasonable.” It is not just valid because it is “logical.” Those two words are “cover ups” for the fact that human beings are basically emotional creatures.

If we look at historical accounts on religious wars or just wars across the board, we will see that “reason and logic,” wasn’t part of the “decision making.” To hurt the planet or human beings to make a statement of power is not reasonable.
It is emotional.

Are emotions “bad”? No. They are part of the process of growing in life. Growth appears when we have that ability to expand our vision and that happens when we acknowledge the emotions of others as well, so our perspective expands from a single “unique” view to different viewpoints.

For example, in the history of the world, religions had great importance. It is basically what you believe in.

Your belief dictates a life style, a way of looking at the world and to understand life. For a “true” believer his emotions will be settled in that one “basket.” The issue comes when we are unable to accept other viewpoints as equally valid.

This acceptance does not come out of “trying to be good;” it comes out of the experience that our perception depends on our consciousness and that consciousness depends on our level of awareness, which continually changes. Thus, we are “right” and “wrong” at the same time, every time. 🙂

To acknowledge the possibility that we may be wrong, is a step forward to discover other possibilities.

Everyone may be looking at the same bright full moon surrounded by stars, but to believe that everyone is seeing the same thing is to be naïve.
Different experiences, different perceptions, different backgrounds, all of that determines our vision.

Therefore, changing our vision is truly important. That change does not mean to say one day that the color of the sun is “yellow” and the next day to say that it is “red.” It means to expand our vision to the possibility of different colors.

Truly, to say that the color of the Sun is “yellow“ is a costly oversimplification, especially if we are going to defend this particular belief. It all depends on the timing of the day, place and position to perceive a different shade.

Change the word “Sun” in the example, for “God.” Change the word “Sun” for “country,” “religion,” “beliefs,” “traditions,” “thoughts,” etc.

When there is an “unlimited” vision; there is no single item to identify with. Nothing to defend. Nothing to get all “emotional” about. It is just the understanding of different consciousness, different awareness, different timing.

This new vision will certainly bring a new attitude in life. That is the attitude of openness, that is the attitude of acceptance.

That attitude is unlimited and therefore, acknowledges and respects all.

That is why, a helping “angel” for humanity, cannot have a religion. Angels do not have a religion.