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Doing everything with awareness


Awareness will allow us to perceive the on going climate inside and outside ourselves.
For example, if we are working out in a Gym, many times a trainer will say: “ Do legs squats. 5 sets of 10 reps for today.”

Have you ever asked the trainer what is the reason of his prescription?
Most probably he will not know. As far as we are concerned, we could do 4 sets of 8 reps and probably obtain the same result.
“More” is not necessarily “better.”

If we use our awareness, we could work out based not on a number of reps but on how we feel in that moment. It is called “listening to your body.” How about 80% effort?

This requires another notch of being in tune with our bodies, being aware of it rather than just following the “script” made up by someone else.

In my sharings, the word “aware” and “conscious” comes up every time.

We could listen to different stories: “God is this. God is here.” “I had an angel helping me.” “This person is holy, you must follow him,” etc.
All those stories may bring an idea of something out of the ordinary, but let us be aware that someone else’s experience or view does not have to be our own experience.

“All you have to do to be saved is to believe.”
That translates as lack of awareness from followers.

The world may show us a particular person with “extraordinary powers,” that is just another experience in Life. Let us be aware that “showing off” powers is not the measurement of a self-realized individual. If we meet a self-realized individual, his “attainment” cannot be shared with disciples. Any “magical cure” we may receive does not mean that our consciousness has changed.

Our awareness will remain in the same place.

The above have been the issue with many so called saints, gurus and “elevated individuals.” Destiny has endowed them with a particular gift. Those gifts when used in other people to heal them, to benefit them, etc. will be translated as automatic worship coming from the beneficiary. Many stories could be made up from the fact of being healed.

A religion is made in this way with followers who believe that “God himself is working through those individuals.”

It may be! 🙂
But the point is that none of that “showing off” will change our state of consciousness. No following can change our state of awareness. Paradoxically, to follow someone is not “bad” but just an experience that we may need to embrace in order to know something else.
We are surrounded by experiences in Life. We label those experiences in different ways and then we get stuck with a belief which arises out of that labeling.

An individual may be healed completely from suffering a terminal disease. That individual may obtain that disease again later on from lack of awareness, (by following the same life style) unless his awareness changes.

Being healed from a terminal disease will show the mastery and skill of the healer, but it does not show a self-realized individual.
We are eternal beings. When we are self-realized in that experience; to “die” has a different meaning.

When we read any books on spirituality or even this blog; unless we relate to what is expressed in those words, we may be wasting our time.
It is not a matter of “believing” because of someone’s display of authority or “magical” powers. It is about relating to what is conveyed, according to our current state of consciousness, our life experiences.

Going by “beliefs” sooner or later, inner dishonesty will appear. We cannot believe in something, which we have not experienced.
If there is experience, that cannot be a belief.
Moreover, we cannot believe that our personal experiences are the only “truth.”
Because everyone has their own particular experiences in Life. Their perception is according to their consciousness.

There is no particular consciousness which could be considered “superior” than anyone else. We are all travelers going through different paths.
Where are we going? Paradoxically, to the same place.
Which “place”?
Inner knowledge.

The paradox is that by “inner-knowledge,” we know everything else. After all, we are part of the Totality.

We cannot know the “other” first, or “God” first and then ourselves.
Because knowing is being. Knowing is not an intellectual description or definitions.
Being starts with BEING aware. Conscious.
That path to the simple “Being aware,” may not be that simple, after all. 🙂

Because Life is perceived in a different way by every individual, there is no “right or wrong” way. Although there will be consequences, which in turn are helping mechanisms to change our consciousness naturally. That is why, any belief system does not fit that tremendous variety of consciousness in Life. As we are experiencing according to our perception then, the most sensible thing an individual could “do” is to enjoy that experience. When Life turns into a game, there is enjoyment.

The world is equal to our consciousness


The paradox of being and not being is the beginning and the end.
Some say: “You are a soul. A spirit. A person. An individual. You are a thing separated from everything.”

That consciousness will become aware of “his” actions. When living in society, a line must be drawn.
That is the beginning of the duality of “good and bad … right or wrong.”

With that duality the representatives of those extremes will arrive: God, the angels the seraphims, the religion which represents them on Earth are “good.” The Devil or Maya or Lucifer or Satan along with everyone who opposes a Godly religion are “bad.”

The above is the collective consciousness of the majority of individuals on this planet. It is so easy to follow. It is so easy to understand. Very logical. Very reasonable.. It is the “battle” between good and evil!… but yet that consciousness is just a perception of “what is.”
Major religions, cults , sects and philosophies follow that line. In “Democracy,” majority rules. Therefore, that collective consciousness rules.

In the above, the need to reward some and to punish others arises automatically and with that the sense of guilt, forgiveness and fear. The need to create this “system” for the afterlife is imperative.
Otherwise, there is no motive to obey.
That is the bottom line.

It is that “self” which has been nourished by that conditioning.

When consciousness changes, then perception changes.

The monotheistic God all by himself as the “superior” being does not need a believer or a non-believer.
It is not about that. That is to be trapped in duality.

It is about that which we call “I.”
Other religions and systems will take the opposite approach.
“The “I” does not exist. We are empty;” will say.
When this description becomes just an intellectual exercise to believe in; the “concept” is completely worthless.

To believe in whatever without an experience… it is a trap, which will teach us about self-honesty. That is why beliefs are not “bad.” 🙂

“I believe in this. I believe in that.”

“God is not omnipresent” is as good as “ God is omnipresent.”
Senseless , meaningless words.
It is not about an intellectual exercise to debate about and to proselytize a dogma. It is about that “I” which can be perceived without the mask of intellectual knowledge, thinking and reasoning. Can we see that?

As some individuals have experienced another “reality” beyond the collective, their words have been misinterpreted.
Grossly misinterpreted, by those who only excel in intellectual endeavors but have no “real” experience on what they are interpreting.
Then, the “belief” must continue. The Intellectual “steps,” the Do 1 then step 2 and then you will be enlightened if you do them right...That “catch” makes the game interesting.

Let me quote this guru. Let me read this “best seller,” let me watch this “spiritual movie,” let me believe that “I am learning.”

Nothing wrong with the above; but consciousness does not change through those means. Consciousness changes through life experiences and there is no life experience which is the ultimate, for life does not evolve into perfection when it is already perfect, as it is.

“We” are not separated from life. We are life itself and because life changes, we need to change.

It is in the contemplation of that “perfection” how we realize that if we feel like worshiping someone or to practice devotional love… we should start with life itself and by doing so, God is included and so are “you” and “I” as well.
That is called Totality, completeness… Perfection.