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Question: Dear Big brother, How will birth take place in Golden age ? In my centre it was said through Yoga where souls will be coming in from the soul world numberwise. But i want to know how will physical bodies be manifested for these souls coming in keeping purity in mind. And ahh i have said many times before and im gonna say 1 more time i love your churnings. :) Best wishes.

Thank you for your question and your kind words!

Dear soul,

That question was already answered. Please search under “reproduction Golden age” in the search article box.
Baba mentions about the “power of yoga.” That is communion between 2 beings.

There are no further descriptions about it. Whether it is the “regular” way or not; it is a different type of consciousness where duality is not experienced.

Best wishes!

It finally happened! – Time to forget


During Amrit vela today, the mind was throwing its usual thoughts about “me in relationship with others.” As the realization came that “the movie must continue,” a sense of easiness came, a sense of letting everything go.

Magically, the heart opened and feelings started emerging. I was sending those feelings to those souls in my thoughts. That created the space for the heart to be clear and thoughts to go away… 🙂

The mind was at ease. It allowed me to connect just with the heart.

No more thoughts, just pure feelings which brought that experience into a blissful one. I was centered, in the moment; aware of just feeling. It was the “being” the soul feeling.

I went for a walk.

The feeling of self-less love was there. A sense of communion with Nature, as I was looking at the trees and hearing the birds, the mind wasn’t thinking. It was quiet.

The mind was out. I wasn’t counting birds nor reading any labels or signs in my path. Nothing which will make the mind to appear.

I was looking, but I wasn’t there for a few seconds. In that realization, a smile turned into giggles.
I saw beauty without a name. I felt part of it without “I” being there.

The heart started sending feelings of bliss, which were overwhelming. In my elation I just uttered: “It is boundless.”

Don’t know what that meant.

It was at that moment when I thanked God. It came naturally. At that point to say “Baba, Baba” was truly sweet. Those words just enhanced those indescribable feelings… tears almost started to come out but my smile kept those tears from flowing out.

Finally it happened… it happened… then… I thought.. 😦 going back home.

Some may call it “remembrance,” others may call it, “self awareness,” others may call it “yoga,” others may call it a “Godly experience,” others may call it just a “blissful” experience. Others, may say that it wasn’t real…Many names one experience.
I cannot deny the experience, but I am uncertain of the source. No more naming.

I just know that I found it.

I decided to write this and share before I start to forget it… because “that” needs to be forgotten so something new can appear.

Will not make the “effort” to have it again. That is the opportunity the mind wishes to have. Then, everything will be about attaining this again… and the pain of not attaining it… That is the duality of the mind. I will let it happen, at its own time.

I would like to call that experience “communion.”

Finding that… is the time for celebration.

Question: Dear brother .Vardan of 26apr =Karmbhog ko karmyog me parivartan karo………. kindly explains what karmabhog is , and how it can be changed to karmyog. thanks

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
The blessing mentioned this in English:
Blessing: May you be fortunate by becoming an instrument for service by transforming the suffering of karma into karma yoga.
Karmic accounts of the body should never be experienced as obstructing your attainments or your path of effort. Your body should never stop you from doing service. A fortunate soul becomes an instrument for service of one type of another even at the time of the suffering of karma. Whether your suffering of karma is minor or major, do not expand its story. To speak about it means to waste your time and energy. A yogi life means to transform the suffering of karma into karma yoga; this is a sign of a fortunate soul.

I know very well a BK soul who has deep karmic accounts with her body. She had experienced great amounts of pain to the point where she was almost about to leave her body several times. I mean, I have seen and experienced her pain through my emotions and my inability to do nothing about it… but just watch. Amazingly, this soul had the strength to “put herself well” while there was some “service” going on. BapDada helped in that as well due to her courage. As soon as that “service” finished, she was back with her painful diseases again. A karmic account needs to be settled.

She learned to overcome many of her ailments by developing and above normal capacity to endure physical pain. She was able to set her mind to go over it. Also, the Drama gave her the opportunity to express her experiences to the public through a radio station.

There, her listeners felt “understood” for many of them had diseases as well and didn’t know how to deal with them. She was merely relating her experiences and how she was able to overcome them through the knowledge of Raja yoga and her experience of God. Because she had first hand experience, her listeners felt understood. Her experience of suffering helped people to deal with their own.

That is transforming karma bhog into karma yog.

Best wishes!

Question: Reproduction, monks and intercourse

Om Shanti As stated in the “Gyan”…reproduction possible with a thought how? Somebody ask me that question. I am also want to know that because as Baba told that ‘who took knowledge in the pervious cycle, same will take this time also’….and when I am look back at my past life I thought perhaps I am the person who took Gyan in previous cycle. 🙂 For this, you also told about yourself. One thing more that I dont want to marry but my parent want. How do I explain to them about celibacy they dont even know the Gyan. If I told them that ‘to follow the Gyan one has to remain celibate’ they’ll said that: Aah! Our job is not to be holy monks. We are human beings not monks 🙂 or sanyasi (As you wrote: Yes, I am a soul; but also I am a human being). One more line you wrote: Similarly in sexuality, many look at it from the perspective of reproduction. There is life. However, that is tinted with the selection of “pleasure over pain.” When I talked about the Gyan with my boss’s wife, she said that how is it possible that reproduction possible with a thought? Both follow spirituality but they dont believe in this that without intercourse reproduction possible…you understood the line. 🙂 He believes it is the union of two souls (intercourse). And those who are spiritually high (gurus, monks or sanyasis) are different from ours. They play their role…we play ours which is right but they believe we didn’t became like them (gurus, monks or sanyasis). Same as I wrote above We are human beings & also souls 🙂 not monks 🙂 or sanyasi. One more question I want to ask that sexuality or intercourse whatever…is it right or is it wrong? Because in Satyug we are pure and gradually we are declined (we reproduce without sex and then we reproduce with intercourse). In Copper age reproduction begin with intercourse or not (I know I am asking you a stupid question or perhaps I am unable to ask the question in a proper way) If we are souls why we feel sexual urge? I hope you understand my question or questions 🙂 If you find some grammar mistakes, for this I apologize you. I myself wrote it in English. Therefore, it is possible to mistake. If you understood the question & want to write some lines in a proper way you can do this, I don’t mind. Thank You 🙂

Dear soul,

Thank you for your question.
I see that language is getting on the way 🙂 I am getting “interpreted” but not understood.
I mentioned about being a “second timer” BK in this cycle. Not that I took knowledge last cycle as well, for it is evident.

I didn’t know that reproduction was possible with a thought! Gyan usually mentions that reproduction takes place “through the power of yoga.” That is not a thought.

What it is interesting to know is what is that “power of yoga.” When there is communion (which is yoga) you become combined. That yoga is that. In the Golden age there was no knowledge of God, so yoga is that unity at the soul level which cannot be explained by people who are not in that consciousness. I have written many, many articles about that word: consciousness. As it is your consciousness, so it will be your understanding.

With our limited consciousness of taking things “literally” going by the definition of a word and without an experience, we are just trapped in words.

There is this “stigma” in spirituality that the word “sex” must not be used. It is a “bad” word. Sakar Murlis based on the time frame and Indian traditions are very vague about explaining further on that, because, “sex” is not something to talk about with “little children” and it could be misunderstood when there is no experience of that consciousness.

How does it happen in the Golden age? The power of yoga. That is union. Combination of male and female. There are no more “details” about it. However, we know about consciousness. A consciousness trapped in the form, is called “impure.” That sort of consciousness will think that “actions” are the same at any time, because that type of consciousness does not understand that a quality of action starts with our quality of consciousness.

In which type of consciousness do you think your parents are? Or your boss? Ask the Dalai Lama and hear what he says… 🙂

Dear soul,

You have to have the guts to try celibacy. Experience it, go over sex-lust and then you will understand. Others who have not gone over that “hump” simply will not. WHY? Because it is not their experience. Because they haven’t taken the journey. They are just “theory.” Accha? ? 🙂

Therefore, if you ask them for their opinions, guess what you will get? 🙂

Finally, you asked “if sexuality or intercourse or whatever is right or wrong?” 🙂
It is not “whatever,” it is called sexual intercourse in English.
As mentioned clearly before in another article which you have not quoted. Sex is sex. Neither good nor bad. Your consciousness makes that act, “clean or dirty.” A vicious person will make an act vicious… See?

To be awake is to realize what kind of consciousness we have. That is spirituality.

Best wishes!

Question: in today murli ” gyan and yoga r like siblings. baba says knowledge is better than meditation bcoz it gives u liberation in life” plz explain ‘

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
For the sake of promptness, anyone who would like me to give an “interpretation” of a Murli point, please double check that what you heard is correct.

In todays’ Murli (3/28/12) First page, line 36 it is stated:
“Gyan and Yoga are brother and sister. Baba says: Gyan is more elevated than trance (dhyan,) because it is through knowledge that you are able to receive liberation in life.”

Through Gyan we can understand yoga. Through that understanding we can experiment and experience. Our yoga is based on the understanding of our Gyan. Gyan is the “foundation” of “effort making,” thus its importance. It is the “cornerstone” for experiencing the Golden age; once that “theory” is made “practical.”

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, It is amazing that how a test in life can show you how much faith you have in god and drama, my experience in last week, with the initial test of high blood pressure and possibility of high cholesterol made me go through the test of attachment to the body, family and put the power to pack up in work. The mind which created fearful thoughts were finally overcome by being in a solid remembrance and soul conscious, the end test result of my blood work showed it was not a big thing after all, how ever, the realization I had with this test was, in a difficult situations, nothing will help other than the remembrance of baba and the ability to be in soul conscious as I understand karmic accounts are being settled. Nothing is new as we all have to settle our account one way or another. The question for you brother is how far does our account go in terms of settlement? many births or couple of births? Does it mean that brahmin soul will have lots to settle as we would have taken many births in a numberwise manner?

Thank you for your question and for sharing your great experience!

Dear soul,
Karmic accounts started for a Brahmin soul towards the confluence of the Silver and Copper age. From that point on, we have accumulated many karmic accounts. This does not mean necessarily “sinful” accounts but accounts with just a return as well, like getting a good education, good health, etc. The issue for Brahmin souls that no other soul experiences is that when you signed up to be a BK, you signed up to settle karmic accounts in order to become “karmateet.” We cannot think in “numbers” as in life we have done many things, but we can get an idea by the “theme” of accounts; for instance for some souls most of their karmic bondages are related with health issues, for others, relationships; for others a combination, but once you overcome those accounts through suffering and yoga, you may have “greater” tests or perhaps those accounts are over. We never know. All we know is that we have the capacity to settle those accounts, which will be done in a numberwise manner.

It is important to realize that “numbers” are not as important as the INTENSITY of those accounts. A very intense suffering means the settlement of a “big account.” That goes according to the capacity of a Brahmin soul to settle accounts, which is pre-ordained in the Drama.

Best wishes!

Question: I have noticed that even after coming to knowledge there are vices like (lust,greed etc.) that still comes out,what is the best way to settle or finish these vices especially if it has been done in this birth and pomp up when is been triggered?

Thank you for your question.
A vice is not like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle that we can get rid of. Any vice is just a manifestation of Ego in different forms. Lust and anger in their gross ways are highly visible. The same with greed, but then the “subtle threads” appear. Those are connections with those more obvious vices. Those connections when they are reinforced, they trigger the “old” vices.

For example, I want to become egoless. That wanting “rejects” ego; therefore, I become a “double actor,” and start acting “humble” (in my perception of what is humble.) My act is convincing to others, but then “I” write this superb article. I believe that to be “me” writing. I believe to be a great writer. I may not say it or express it, but that is my belief.

That means that my ego will increase without me noticing it due to my belief and my humble act will change its quality as well. Ego will be noticeable to others in the expressions that I use while I write. I will not realize it.
My belief in “being extraordinary” triggered ego which I thought went away due to my humble act.
Here is when Baba talks about “checking and changing.”

However, ego is not “bad,” it just shows us that we need to transform.
That transformation will happen gradually through yoga (as we know) and the experience of “void,” “inner silence,” or being “a-temporal.” Those experiences will make us aware of the vices as if something does not feel right. When we reach this point in our “effort making” life, there is no need to “double act,” as pretending to be “virtuous.”
That transformation needs to be deep to stay. Otherwise, we will feel changes (old vices coming back) when the atmosphere changes around us (for example around the company of certain individuals or particular places or because our inner state has some fluctuation i.e. Feeling overly emotional) as long as our sensitivity/awareness is awake, we will notice those changes; otherwise, because we are still half-awake, we will get influenced.

Therefore, the best way to finish the vices is to increase our awareness through the experience of what is known as inner silence, emptiness or void, or just the experience of the soul. That will come as long as we do not reject something in us, but when we fully accept it.
Because Baba has said that good wishes and pure feelings are necessary to have yoga/ silence. The mind will not remain still if there is a rejection, a “something to get rid of” type of thought in ourselves.