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Enjoyment has no room for interpretation


There are 2 pictures in the image above. I took those 2 pictures one minute apart from the same camera while standing in the same place.

The only difference was the position of the camera being held in my hands.

What is the teaching of this uneventful picture taking experience?

The location of our consciousness is the camera. That we call “state of consciousness.”
According to that location, we will experience.
What is “reality” then?

The location of our consciousness. Collective consciousness in the same location will give as a result the belief that we know “what is real.”

That we call “normal.”

In Life, there are many types of artists. The one who paints what most are able to perceive is the “normal” artist.
“Look, a horse…” Yes… How do you like it?

However there are other types of artists, whose art is to show those things, which couldn’t be easily observed.
“I don’t see a horse in that painting? “… Perhaps if you look at it from my perspective (location of consciousness) you may be able to see it…
“Ah… I see it now.”

The second type of artist may need to explain every painting that they make for people to appreciate it. Without that explanation, the painting wouldn’t sell.

Here is another teaching I learned.
When you are truly an artist in Life, you express. That is all.
Those who can see, will see. Those who cannot, will not see.
The painting is not meant for others.
The painting has no ulterior motive but to bring the expression into Life.

Just like our lives.

I could write many things to get many “Likes.”
It is very easy. Simple stuff at the reach of the common “man.” Funny or drama. Show your emotions and ask for support. Get people engaged. Give them the opportunity to be “part of it.”

If I want to sell a book for $1.99, all I have to do is to keep it simple… The “artist” expression may be gone, but the profit may be coming in.

That is the typical dilemma.

That is how popularity of an artist brings his own demise as the expression has an ulterior motive: To keep customers happy.

The same is with Life in a bigger picture.
Sell yourself into a belief and the expression to be manifested through you will be gone.

That impossibility to be “yourself” brings the suffering of being empty while having achieved other things.
Look for the approval of “others” and the expression will be dependent on “others.”
Look for the approval of God and you will know someone else’s God.
Sell yourself for an ideal and your Life will be someone else’s dream.

Life has no further meaning, purpose or reason but to express your being.
Yes, everything changes including you.
Shall I be unhappy because of that?
There is an unique and delicious cake waiting to be eaten.
Shall I enjoy the moment of tasting the flavor of it as it happens and to eat as much as I feel comfortable…or shall I “think” about the “future” and save a piece?
Even though there is no guarantee that I will be hungry or that the cake will last that long, I can occupy myself with all sorts of thinking… and to get nowhere but to miss the experience of enjoyment of the moment.

Which of the pictures above do you like better?

Don’t you see that it is the same picture but taken from a different angle?

The Sun is always there just like all of us. We will be there. The form changes. The angle changes and the picture looks different.

What is the teaching?

Whatever we see. Whatever we perceive. Enjoy it.
Once it changes…keep enjoying it for it will change again.
When we learn the art of enjoyment, our life will be joy. Change the location of your consciousness if you could, or allow for that to happen naturally… as it should.



There is no “I” without “you.”

One of the deepest aspects in spirituality resides in forgetting the mind, logic, analysis and reasoning to be able to really “see” for the fist time.

Just like looking at the Ocean is enough to understand what “wetness” is all about, without the need to define, contrast, label, etc. likewise, a different understanding where reasoning is not involved, will emerge.

“You” are an individual, but at the same time and with the same intensity, “you” are Oneness.
“You” cannot exist without “others.” It is impossible. That is why, “you” cannot be “alone”… 🙂
“You” exist because “others” exist.

Whenever someone “think” of himself as one individual; that “individual” mind is missing the other half of the answer.

What is the practical aspect of knowing this “theory”?

Mathias, the wise tree was sharing with his friends Raysha and Ananda.

Mathias: “The word –you- is referential but also it separates. The difference between using “you” as a reference or as a way to separate individuals is made in your feelings.”

Ananda: “Feelings unite, but they are expressed through words…”

Mathias: “When you use the word –you- as a reference but included in your own being; then there is a warm welcoming in your words.”

Raysha: “People are used to say negative things about themselves or negative things about others…”

Mathias: “… then they are just talking negative things about themselves…”

Ananda: “That is because they only perceive “you” as being different, another individual than themselves…they can only see one side of the coin but never the whole coin…”

Mathias: “Words are extremely important in feelings. A word uttered with feeling has the capacity to heal. A word with a negative intention is sickening. Your intention is very important and that goes along with your consciousness. Words need to be used skillfully and not be spent uselessly, just because someone is bored and wants to say something.”

Ananda: “Aha! That is why words can create “karma” without being actually “actions.”
Raysha: “ and.. that is why… what you do onto others, you do it to yourself, or succinctly explained; there are no “others.”….!!”

Many times we are caught with “ spiritual laws.” The law of karma is one of those in the conventional “Spiritual” talk.
That law could be necessary to understand intellectually when there is an individual “you” dealing with another individual “you,” living in separation. Oneness is not included in that understanding.

But to see Oneness, paradoxically is to understand the depth of the law of karma.

When we see oneness; there is no need to understand laws and to live with fear of breaking the laws… for no one in his right mind could attempt to hurt himself… 🙂

Question on emptying the mind and dissolving the “I”

“I need to ask you something regarding mind . it was also mentioned previous post that empty your mind and fill your heart , also in the above article say that we need to empty our mind . What exactly we need to flush out of our mind ; the negative energy element, or the list mentioned in the last line (your own beliefs, prejudices, ideas, standards, wants, wishes, desires, hopes, etc) i am confused that you mean which among mentioned below – we should change our attitude to see the newness in every action , every other soul,system,process and reject our already established beliefs( irrespective positive or negative ) .i mean there would be a belief already present in the mind but we should try to put effort to ignore /suppress that old belief(old sanskar) and should create a new sansakar ( seeing the newness in everything) – or going by the literal meaning of emptying your mind and not keeping anything in mind apart from spiritual learning. Please explain . My other question how is it possible and leading a family life ( with parents , spouses and Kid ) &professional life and parallely dissolving “I’ ( me) illusion . Please explain Thanks . please correct me if i am wrong ! Omshanti !!”


Dear reader,

Thank you for your follow-up question!
That means that you are trying to make sense, understand, what is being conveyed. However, you are still trying to understand intellectually, by using reasoning.

Please liberate yourself from conceptual understanding.

Plainly, observe your mind.

Are you under stress? Observe what you think, how fast you think and how is your breathing at that time.

Observe how much you speak and how what you said changes your mood, how it triggers sensations in you.
Observe, how the words coming from someone have an effect on you.
Observe how you create a story of something that you perceive.
Observe how you label that story as “true,” or “false,” as knowledge or nonsense.

All of that “stuff” that is going on inside, needs to be observed; for that “stuff” is not allowing your mind to see with clarity.

Forget about “rejecting.” There is no need to suppress anything. Just OBSERVE THAT IT IS THERE.

For instance:
“Paul met Sharlene. They went for a date. Paul liked Sharlene and wanted her to know all about him.

Paul started his “long story,” about his whereabouts in the last 30 years. Paul was careful to highlight the episodes where suffering got the best of him, looking for some female empathy. His greatest achievements in life to impress Sharlene were included. His “success” was embodied by his luxury automobile and his 3 properties all over the world.

When Paul spoke about his past, he was re-living those moments, especially when Sharlene asked some questions to “try to help him.” :-)”

In the above story, Paul is a “normal” guy who does not observe his mind and the different moods, emotions that he experiences through his own doing. Those emotions will express themselves through beliefs, prejudice, judgments, criticism, etc; which at the end support the existence of his own ego.

On the other hand, If Paul was able to OBSERVE himself; he would be able to catch a prejudice, a belief, a judgment, etc ; which are preventing him to APPRECIATE things as they are.
Paul’s beliefs, prejudices and ideas are things that he is adding into “what is.”

If you observe a snake; you could be amazed by its suppleness and speed. You are appreciating.

If you have “knowledge” that all snakes are poisonous, then; you will not appreciate, but display fear, thanks to your own beliefs and prejudices which came through your interpretation of that “knowledge.”

Note that to observe does not mean to interfere. When you reject; you are interfering. You are not open to the experience.

To appreciate life, we need to empty that bag of beliefs, prejudices, ideas, explanations, etc; by observing them, by being aware of them and their consequences.

When we appreciate life, we are not concerned about fitting life to our own ideas. That is the meaning of emptying the mind, explained through “unclear” words.. 🙂

Please see that we are not “creating” a new sanskara. We are not building a new window to see through. We are simply cleaning the same “old” window, what is already there.

We can clean that window through the liquid window cleaner of OBSERVATION.

Once you become acquainted with your own observation, you could deal with your second question.
Your kids, your parents, your spouse, your job; all of that will give you the perfect environment to see how all of that affects you.

When you discover that, then you may discover that as long as there is “you,” then those things will touch “you.”

Then, the aim will be to fully discover “you,” so “you” can get rid of it… 🙂

That is as paradoxical as it gets. 🙂

Please avoid trying to make sense of the above, just observe the explanation in yourself.

Best wishes!

The perception of the time-less


In a moment when we feel rested and fully awake; If we sit down with our spine straight and with our head relaxed, eyes semi-closed as if we were aiming to look at the tip of our nose but still seeing straight ahead…then we breathe comfortably becoming aware on how our breath expands our stomach and then it automatically deflates itself… It is in the awareness of something which happens automatically, without our “doing” something; how we could understand the mystery of life for it is happening in us. The heart pumps blood automatically. The lungs breathe automatically; even while sleeping. The magic of life continuous on, without our conscious awareness.

Go deeper now. The perception of our senses is not real. The thoughts in our mind are not real, for they are based on the senses…. No thoughts, no mind, no senses, but still there is the consciousness of “something” observing, being aware of “things.”

Let us not call that consciousness “I.” It is something without a label. When we label, we think; when we think, we miss the experience of what “is.” Go into it, experience it; get acquainted with it.

That is what we need to be aware of. Now try that awareness while the noise outside and inside is going on, while the “craziness” out there is happening… Now, we are into something… 🙂

That space, that center brings its own peace and stillness.

In that awareness, there is no time, for all the outside things which bring time into our awareness are no longer part of “me.”

The timeless awareness of “I” brings a different perspective of life. A different “reality.”

This is the “exercise” to find the tranquil “Ocean of life” without ripples or waves coming and going. Here, we find the totality of all that exists in the horizon, without going away someplace to look for it.
This is to settle into the a-temporal state of being.

At that point, change; transformation of awareness happens; for when we discover more and more about ourselves, we cannot take the illusion of being “someone” anymore… that is, as long as we are aware.

One more time: Who are you?


In Spirituality, there are words which mean absolutely nothing.
Only if I become that which I am naming, then that means something; but that something cannot be the same thing that I name. The meaning is in being, but naming has no meaning.

What I know in Spirituality, I cannot describe accurately through words. It is indescribable; but unfortunately; I need to use words to express somehow what is known.

If you take my words as the “truth,” you will know “falsehood.”
If you take my words as an “opinion,” you will know that everything we convey are just opinions.
If you take my words as my experience; then you will know that what is true for some, may not be for others.
If you listen to my words without thinking about more words to say or clarify, you will become a good listener.
By becoming a good listener, you may realize something which you didn’t know before.

That is the meaning of “my words.”

Who am I?

I am…. This label or that label. But not both. That is not logical. 🙂
Those labels are merely descriptions. You are not a description.

I am a soul.
Wrong! 🙂
Another label. Another word to define.
You cannot be a definition. That definition is meaningless. A concept means nothing.
More words to confuse one another.

Where is the experience?

Close your eyes. Close your mind. Close your senses. Feel. Experience.
That is “you” without using the meaning of the word “you.”

I am who I am?
You are not!
“You” does not exist. Another label. Another concept. Another word. Separation is the illusion of not perceiving unity.

Who am I?
That word “I” does not exist because “you” is not real. It is just a verbal representation. A concept.

Who am..?
Now, we are getting someplace!

Then, I could discover that without words, there are no questions to be asked. Then, there is a new world to discover.
A world beyond words and labeling, a world beyond the domain of the unstable mind.

The “Me” versus the “Others” syndrome.


“In Brahmin life, receiving is in giving.”

Avyakt Murli April 28, 2013

“Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

The Bible- New Testament: Luke 6:38

The Master has no possessions.
The more he does for others,
the happier he is.
The more he gives to others,
the wealthier he is.

Tao te ching verse 81

He who gives liberally goes straight to the gods;
on the high ridge of heaven he stands exalted.

Rig Veda 1.125.5

The above quotes mention one of the universal spiritual “truths,” that is: If you give, you receive.

That line has been used by many spiritual teachers without further explanation.

How does it work?

In the last writing about “We do what we are,” it was mentioned that there is an inner being (soul) who is part of the “whole,” that universal “spirit” is known as the Drama, the Tao, or the Creation. (depending on your religious beliefs) That is life in itself.

That “soul” by itself has no awareness of duality. Has no awareness of separation from anything.

When that “soul” has a role to perform in life; then the awareness of individuality arises as the soul identifies with the uniqueness of a body. Then, a personality is developed. From One, many appear.

Note how the primal absence of knowing the concepts of “you and Me,” change and develop into that separation as we know it.

A role in life, goes through the awareness of a soul as “me.” Then automatically, “you” arises.

Many religious and spiritual teachings have taught, “giving is receiving,” with the assumption that we are “separate.” Then, a selfish motive of acquiring for the self is corrected when the “moral standard” of being “good” is taught.

That is “share with others.” “Give to others.”

Nothing wrong with those teachings, but in a deeper view we can see that there is no “self” neither the “other” unless we identify with the body and the role in life.

That identification is an illusion, which separates, something that is One from the beginning. But it could be experienced as “many” as “you and me,” only if our consciousness does not allow us to see that both “One,” and “many” are valid perspectives.

Thus, whatever “I” do, will come back to “me,” for there is no “other.”

A “soul” performing a role in life accomplishes that through a thought, which will materialize in the physical world as an “action.”

That is what we know as “karma.” That activity could be colored by egoless-ness, which is lack of expectation and desires; that is “without individuality” or it could be full of ego.
The return of ego is further separation. That means, suffering.

Once we understand that egoless “doing” is truly harmony with the original oneness; then the “other” merely is a “mirror” for lack of a better name.

The actions we perform, are the seed transforming into a flower. We will eat that fruit sooner or later. The fruit is already latent in the seed.

That is why, according to how we ARE, would be the quality of our activities.

We cannot “do” good actions, if we are not “good.”

Activities by itself do not have a moral standard. Moral standards are made up by a society engulfed in duality.

Someone in harmony with the whole, with that Drama of life; works as an ego-less agent of “doing.” He could only do “good,” for as he is; so are his activities.

Let us say that a dentist “falls in love” with one of his patients.
Dr. Drill likes Rose so much, that he gave her a “huge” break for the cost of his dental services.
Dr. Drill would go to the extremes of showing his care for Rose.

Obviously, Dr, Drill had an expectation. He wanted Rose to return his “love.”

Because Dr. Drill’s activities are not “self-less,” Dr. Drill opened himself for the experience of duality.

If Rose responds positively to Dr. Drill’s approach; then Dr. Drill will be “happy.” At the same time, Dr. Drill would learn a new “proven” way to manipulate people, which will have a 50-50 chance of working with “most people.” Those activities will bring their own consequence for manipulation is not a “good deed.”

If Dr. Drill is rejected. Then, Dr. Drill will be “unhappy” and disappointed and with that his “love,” could turn around into “hate.” Note that duality.

On the other hand, a “self-less” approach has no consequence other than enhancing that sense of Selfless-ness, which will come back to Dr. Drill; enhancing his well being beyond duality. That is spiritual happiness.

The seed was there, it produced a flower and the fruit will be eaten by the one who let that seed appear.

Is about me or about you?

When we decide to become “good” and call ourselves “spiritual” we start our study by realizing that there are 2 individuals: “Me” and “you.”
In that realization we come up with rules, guidelines and traffic laws to respect each other, to acknowledge each other with hope that we may have a healthy relationship. However, the division has been made: There is “you” and there is “me.” Let us compromise so we can live together. That is spirituality 101.

As we “grow” we realize that every person acts as a mirror. Therefore, it is “me” surrounded by many mirrors. I am only able to recognize something as “good” or “bad” in others, because I have experienced that same trait in myself. As long as I am thinking ” she shouldn’t do that” we are still in the “you” and “me” syndrome of neat laws and magical compromises; but when all I see is myself being reflected by others, then the realization is obvious.
Why do I react? Did I feel insulted? Did I feel proud? All reactions which have the ability to make me feel “good” or “bad.”

At this point, we can see that “giving respect to others” is in the realm of Spirituality 101.
It is all about Self-respect and not being manipulated like a puppet by pride and defamation; the forces of duality. This is spirituality 201. All that exists is “me” and my own mirrors.

Then comes Spirituality 301, when we realize that “me” is an illusion. It is not longer “me” and my mirrors, but “us.” We are all together in this. That togetherness is just separated by my illusion of “me” being distinct and different from anyone else. We are the same but with different roles to play. 🙂

“Me” brings fear. “Me” brings ego. “You” is another ego booster. Between 2 egos, only war can happen.

When finally “me” is gone, there is peace. There is no one to fight. 🙂
Perhaps we can accomplish that without “killing” ourselves…

It takes an “angel” to understand the “devil.”