Reader Remark: Predestination

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In Gita, it is said, put your effort but don’t have expectations for its reward.

This simple explanation applies even now.

Predestination is the reward (which is not just based on our effort) and our role is to perform to our level best.

It is like driving a car, you have the right to drive but the destination is not in your effort, it depends upon how fast the car in front of you moves and how the whole traffic is in that road, and everyone knows how long it takes to reach the destination inspite of the traffic, still the person-driver has to drive the car.

The driving effort is in our hands and reaching the destination depends upon the karma-fate of individual or the whole society/traffic. Both goes together – self effort and fate,they cannot be separated.


Dear soul,
If we divide “traffic” and “my car” with “my destination,” we will have a problem.
In your phrase: “Put your effort but don’t have expectations for its reward.”
WHo is putting effort?
For what? 🙂
I guess, it is not for the sake of “making effort” right? There is a purpose.

If I don’t want to call that purpose with its real name: “expectations” then “I am” just kidding myself. Making myself believe that “my” effort does not have an expectation.

As long as there is a “my effort,” there will ego and with that, we cannot pretend that expectations will not exist.
Ego and expectations arrive at the same time.

“Self effort” is just a nice phrase. “Fate” is what you get when there is an “I” lingering around.
The issue is separation. The traffic and the cars and your car are all part of the same thing. They are not separated but only in a separating mind.

Best wishes!


  1. vvrisor

    Wonderful avyakt7 and B.K.Gayatri Behn, in your efforts in unfolding the route map for the less knowledgeable SOULS in their struggle for, in search of REALITY…..ultimately, it’s the SOUL’s experience in the DRAMA that matters!


  2. B.K.Gayathri

    Om shanti. 🙂

    Discussion about playing different roles, the consciousness that is needed to play one’s role, and the mode of transport :

    This reminds me of an old song in Telugu –

    It says, “For the emperor (Nawaabu) on the elephant, the drunkard (Sharaabu) in the palanquin, the lord (Janaabu) on the horse, the poor man (gareebu) on the donkey – the destination of all of them is the same; and the one who is walking, considers everyone else as his equals.

    Yes, our 84 roles in this drama have been thrust upon us. 🙂 We have no choice but to play our roles well and maintain love and regard to all other actors all the time.

    And i am very sure most of us are damn tired by listening to all the classes asking us to make intense effort to become soul conscious, become karmateet, go beyond, and what not!! Why is this last chapter of the drama so tough?????? 🙂

    Again, the answer is DRAMA!! ! 🙂

    trying to understand the drama,


  3. bloggyhead

    I have thought about how to reconcile predestined and effort a lot. This is the best explanation i use for myself: Think of a movie. Its already scripted. Each scene and dialogue is scripted and so how everything will unfold is predestined. The actor has no choice in that matter. But now where does effort come in?

    Its in the thinking, feeling (soul) level. You can be playing the same part, saying the same dialogues but every actor will have their unique style And frame of mind while doing it. The frame of mind is the key point. How you percoeve your part and what thoughts are running internally is ALL that we have control over. That is where effort should be expended. Because everything else will happen according to the script. What has to happen, will happen. Even in the hitler example given by avyakt I thought that his part was the need of the hour. If it wasn’t him then someone else would have been chosen to play his part. So how can we hate him?

    The only thing i cant make sense of is why we get the roles we get… I mean if hitler was given this horrible part to play the theory goes that he must have done some bad past karma to get that role. But if his karmas are out of his hand (predestined) then how?
    I can only think that its not about the actual karmas/act but ur thoughts/intentions while doing it that we are judged upon. Since that is the ONLY thing in the souls control.


    • avyakt7

      Thank you for your input, dear soul!
      To be a “detached observer” is the effort, which does not require “effort,” it is a different consciousness, different awareness. There is nothing to “do” that is why roles do not matter. The movie is on. We are part of it BUT at the same time if we become aware and see the movie as not being part of it; then we could see that “predestination” and “free will” do not matter. They are together when I see the predestined movie and when I am not part of it (free will.)
      It is the “being and non-being,” we need to embrace both, to be in the movie and out of it. To embrace all and nothing at all.

      Best wishes!


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