Poetry: Life

When life strips your soul away
there is no hope but just despair
a rainy cloudy afternoon
performing its usual gloomy tune

A slow death in a prolonged agony
flowing tears are the only company
the sunshine gone is no more
the heart aches when truly sore

Life will give to take away
time steals your love as well
death becomes the panacea
a devil whispered that spell

That’s an odd time for God to appear
a magical act with a trick, so real
to raise me from the very bottom
elevate me from that hellish autumn

Not a “happy ending” story
but a movie with expressions of glory
add experiences of despair
to cook a dish with romantic flair

This is life in a verse:
A lowly caterpillar crawling
searching for a purse of fate
a butterfly is found instead
only at the end of the gate.


  1. Bk.DR.Satyanarayan

    ask amongst brahmin family share your valuable answersquestions1Baba says duration of sangamyuga is 100 years ..beginning  of golden age is that periodwhen shri laxmi,shrinarayan sits on throne…&coronation ceremony….now it is already75 years of sangamyuga when shri krishna will take birth……?2  In context with todays murli what do you mean by destruction of all religions?   a) do their values become extinct?   b) do they fight in them selves?   c) does their religion become disappear ?   d) do they become complete dharmabrishta/karmabrishta?..   e) do they divide?   what exactly happeneven today at the end of sangam yuga …jainis are one of the best in their cullture?/life stylemuslim mosques vibrate with tranqulity/peace…some churches are vibrating with serenityit is not complete destruction of these religions…enter in bahai temple there is spellboundsilence…can you explain in depth…how exactly these religions vanish…i think these vanishonly 33 crore dieties remain stable on this planet????3.What spiritual efforts brahmins can make using subtle region….waiting for your valuable answers 


  2. Kristina

    Dear Divine Soul,

    At the moments you wrote this didi, I was in a space just like that, internally and externally. Thank you for posting this!


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