COMMENTS on Avyakt Murli 10-7-12

Original: 9-22-75
To stabilize in your self-respect is the key to happiness and all treasures

This avyakt Murli today, has deep points on the meaning of “relationships.”
Those deep points could be easily misunderstood if we did not have the experience of what BapDada is talking about. We could say : “Baba says that I have to renounce all worldly relationships and just have Him. From now on, I will not have more relationships with anyone…” 🙂

Let us take a look at this Murli.

BapDada started with the significance of self respect. That is to answer the question: Who am I?
The entire knowledge is merged into the question of “who I am?”
Through gyan and hopefully through experience, we have experienced the soul. That is the basis of that self respect, because we know that we, souls are imperishable; playing a part right now; and for Brahmin souls it is an “effort making” part at this time.

Even though in “role consciousness,” we will not be able to experience that part of the future; through soul consciousness we could, for the experiences are already “recorded “ in us. We have experienced those. Is it a matter of emerging the “photo album” from the Golden age in us and watch the “show.” 🙂 or for the more “down to earth” of us, logically and rationally, this knowledge will make us see that when “there is night, there must be day.”
The soul is timeless. For souls there is no such a thing as a “relationship.” A soul is complete in itself.

That is why; BapDada is saying that “an Angel does not have a relationship with no bodily being.” This does not mean that we cannot relate with people, but let us be aware that when we use a “label” to denote a relationship, such as “husband,” automatically that “box” is filled with the image of a person. That is why BapDada mentions that by choosing a human being, the same relationship with the Father diminishes.

Those labels of “relationships,” such as father, wife, brother, family are just labels which bring “support,” however, that support becomes detrimental when that person in that particular relationship disappears due to many reasons. The fact is, physical relationships disappear.

If we are in a relationship with a soul who is playing the role of a husband or wife, by all means have good wishes and pure feelings, by all means have love; however, do not place that soul in the box of a determined relationship (husband, wife) for then you have set up yourself for suffering as those relationships are temporarily and their support will make us “attached,” dependent. Therefore, we will remember them until we find a “replacement.” Through finding “replacements” to fill our own emptiness, we miss the opportunity to be self-sovereign. We need to remember that we are souls, “tourists” in this Drama and every soul that we are in a close relationship with at this time, had a different relationship with us in past lives.

Since relationships, all those boxes with labels such as, ”my friend, my wife, my brother, my…..” are a source of support in our life, the images of those people will pop up in our heads, for they are part of our lives. Even the “divine family” can be part of this. BapDada is asking us to “transfer” those boxes to Him. Thus, “we should have all relationships with the Father and none other.” That is the deep meaning of it.

Observe how every label of a relationship gives you some sort of support. We feel secure if we have a wife, or a husband or parents who will take care of us and give us love and whatever we need. In return, we need to fulfill those relationships. “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours” mixed with attachment and love as our source of support. On the other hand, since we are souls and understand roles, we could relate with another human being with love but without those expectations which come when someone is placed in the “box” of a determined relationship.

This takes a 360 degrees change in our vision. However, BapDada is asking us to have those sources of support in Him. Not to forget Him. Thus, remembrance of the Father so we can remember the self and answer the “puzzle.”


  1. BK.DR.Satyanarayan

    Dear Divine Soul
    Om Shanti

    Question : Baba often makes us perform the five form drills and suggests this drill to avoid waste thoughts. When swadarsn chakra referred as the drill only mind seems to get bored and caught up in monotonousness. Is it like a toy given by baba keeping in view the worst scenario case of some souls who cant ruminate and fathom the subtle depths of gyan? Please elucidate little more about this ” swadarshan chakra” ?


    • avyakt7

      Dear soul,
      Below is an article which explains the meaning of spinning the discus of self realization. (written sometime ago.)
      Basically it is a “method” to take us way from “waste thoughts.” Also it is a method of remembrance if the heart and feelings are placed there along with the mind.

      The teaching behind this method is to move our consciousness from the “limited” to the “unlimited.”
      If we spin the discus to accomplish the later, then we could accomplish the same by churning gyan. (limited- unlimited.)

      When we repeat something many times, it becomes monotonous, but this thought will be remembered easily when waste appears as well. That is the opportunity to “cut” the devil’s head… 🙂
      Putting feelings into this practice will change the “taste” of it.

      Thank you!

      Best wishes!


  2. BK.DR.Satyanarayan

    I have a question for you. I hope this quest of mine can also quench the answer or benefit few other souls as well. I had a predilection for the gyan and bk family precociously though none of my “laukik family” were there in. I completed by under graduation and thereby increasing the intensity of my predilection for “gyan” and “yoga” sensing a lot of change on my “sanskar” . On the other hand my “laukiks becoming more churlish sensing by esoteric and spiritual life style (They are mainly upset by my refusing to marriage proposals) and now i am completely prohibited to meet centre but i am sustaining by all means under the “code of conduct ” and in the intense efforts and serving through mind at best. I am planning the further studies (to another country )honestly but just for the sake of escape from “marrying stuffs”. I really have a pinching thoughts of being unable to visit centre for murli( i read and listen full murli through internet). Another pinching thought that haunts me is my higher studies at this is going to be futile and of no help to yagya 😦 ( also may be may be “ego” in me pinches me when few bks claim me to be engulfed by maya due to my absence) Is it justifiable to have such thoughts?


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