Comments on Sakar Murli – January 12, 2013

Essence: Sweet children, it is when devotees experience difficulties and calamities that the Father comes to grant them salvation and liberation by giving knowledge.

Question: Who can become conquerors of sinful actions? What are the signs of those who become conquerors of sinful actions?
Answer:Those who understand the philosophy of karma, that of actions, neutral actions and sinful actions, and who perform elevated actions, are the ones who become conquerors of sinful actions. Those who are to become conquerors of sinful actions never have to repent for their own actions. Their actions do not become sinful.

Question: What double service does the Father do at this time?
Answer:The Father purifies both souls and bodies. He also takes you souls back home with Him. This divine activity is only performed by the Father not by human beings.

Song: Salutations to Shiva.

Essence for dharna:

1. Have all spiritual relationships with the one Father. Have appreciation of the serviceable children. Serve to make others similar to yourself.

2. We receive our fortune of the kingdom of the unlimited world from the unlimited Father. We will have a right over the earth, the sky, everything; maintain this happiness and intoxication. Remember the Father and the inheritance.

Blessing: May you be constantly powerful by remaining free from all waste with the art of keeping your mind busy.

Just as, nowadays, those who have a high position in the world set their tasks according to the daily timetable, in the same way,
you, who are images of support for the renewal of the world, the ones who are hero actors in the unlimited drama, the ones with a lives as valuable as a diamond, also have to set a programme to keep your minds and intellects stable in a powerful stage. Fully use the art of keeping your minds busy and you will become free from all waste and you will never become upset.

Slogan: Remain cheerful while seeing every scene of the drama and you will never be attracted to anything good or bad.


IN this Murli Baba expresses many points over Hindu bhakti and how it contrats with Gyan. Many of those points where probably very important back then. Today, they have cultural meaning to those souls with Hindu background only. As a Westerner, I am more interested in aspects of gyan without a particular religious background, for in this way we can see how gyan applies to all.
Baba mentions the importance of understanding the law of karma in particular, as well as the meaning of having knowledge as a “purifying” agent, in general.

Below some points to churn:
“You are the clan of Shiva, the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. This is something that has to be understood. You children cannot be born through sin; you must surely be the mouth-born creation.”

Shiva is the Father of all souls in the “family” view of God. We are the clan of father Brahma. That is Brahmins. This is a spiritual clan, not a physical one.

“The expression “Father of the People” is very well known. The Father comes and establishes the Brahmin religion through his mouth. The name “Prajapita Brahma” suits the father. You now belong to this father in a practical way.”

The “father of the people,” is the father of Brahmin souls in particular, and father of the world in general. 🙂 In Christianity, the name given to such a role is Adam. Without a religious background, God touches the intellect of Brahma Baba and his clan, for according to the Drama, they will need to reside in the first half of the cycle where soul consciousness reigns.

“Devotes sing praise of God but they do not know Him. In fact, true devotees in Bharat are those who were worthy of worship. They have now become worshippers, but they are also numberwise. Amongst you, you too are numberwise. You are Brahmins, whereas they are shudras. Those who belonged to the deity religion experience a great deal of sorrow, because they are the ones who have also experienced a great deal of happiness.”

Experiencing sorrow is numberwise as well. Brahmin souls are the ones who experience the Iron age as being hell. For a Christian soul, this is not hell. Hell is some other place, where we will go forever if we don’t eat our broccoli and indulge in candies instead. With knowledge we relize that everything is according to capacity and because we are different in that capacity, we will experience different things at different times. Variety started in the Copper age, and from that point onwards, it is just different experiences, realities and perception of it.

“To whatever extent you made effort in the previous cycle, you are making the same effort now. It is not, “Whatever is in the drama”, because you still have to make effort. The drama will make you children make effort. As are your efforts, so the status you will receive. We understand that we also made such effort a cycle ago.”

I love this point: “The Drama will make you children make effort.” Do we understand the depth of that line? And then the punch line: “Because you still have to make effort.” 🙂
That is as deep as it gets.

“They will even say that Krishna is not God, but there is still some time before that. Otherwise, such a huge crowd would gather here that you wouldn’t be able to study. It is not the law for there to be a crowd here. The task will continue to be carried out in an incognito way. If an important person were to come here, people would say that he had gone mad.”

Basically, it wasn’t the time to be known. Everyone has different traditions in the way to understand God. This is the challenge of understand “variety.” Nowadays, “important” persons will act as microphones for people to know about the Brahma Kumaris and Godly knowledge.
There is an example in Peru, where this VIP took gyan many years ago and he is very well known as a Guru in themes related with business administration and spirituality. He has many books published who are very popular among well read Peruvians. I have read one of his books were he acknowledges that he has obtained his spiritual knowledge through the Brahma Kumaris. Due to this, many BKs were born.

“Although you become pure, you cannot become ever pure like the Father.”

That is because the Drama is about duality. God is beyond it.

“No matter how much you listen, you cannot become the Ocean of Knowledge.”

Because we can only know, what is in our roles. We have “numberwise” roles.

“You receive salvation through knowledge. You are now being liberated from the chains of devotion.”

This is the time for knowledge, gyan. To understand it, practice and live it is what makes our lives worthwhile at this time. To be away from the chains of devotion and its practices could be a long path for some.

“Actions here are sinful because Maya exists here. Maya doesn’t exist there. You become conquerors of sinful actions. The children who now understand the deep philosophy of karma, neutral karma and sinful karma are those who become conquerors of sinful actions.”

Understanding is not intellectual. It is when our thoughts, words and actions are the same. Baba has taught us the consciousness of being an “instrument.” This is the way to be safe from sinful actions, for then “you” are not the one performing it. 🙂

“Shiv Baba grants a variety of visions to you children.”

More visions back then than now. Necessary according to time, for knowledge wasn’t easy to grasp, nor it is easy at this time. We are discovering it as we experience it.

“New points emerge every day, but they also have to be imbibed.”

The knowledge is not a book with a final chapter. It is an ongoing discovery.

“Here, you simply have to remember the Father and the inheritance. It is this that takes effort.”

That is it. Remembrance of God to remember the self.

“The kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan is called the golden age. Now, it is the iron age, and so just look at the contrast!”

Brahma Baba excelled at teaching through contrasts. Every religious founder or every “avatar” had their way of teaching. Christ through parables, for instance. Brahma Baba’s examples is about contrasts. This is something to understand.


  1. avyakt7

    Dear soul,
    This Godly teachings are meant for us to learn so we can be “masters” of the self. For that we need to learn to listen to our hearts. The true answer should come from that space. That is “inner knowledge”

    Purity or celibacy will enhance a relationship. It is our vices that will pull us down… but everything is in a numberwise manner as you know… 🙂

    Best wishes!


    • jewel of contentment

      hw r we supposed to knw or understand that a soul loves purity of every kind dat is mind, body n soul and can easily chose to live celibatic lifestyle yet wat if ther is deep love for the life partner and has been asked for some time to come to decision to agree to lead a ”pure” life, so is this drama being created by the souls involved, is it their role or just confusion of nt being able to decide n stick to it. plz guide bhai


  2. jewel of contentment

    dear brother star, amazing manthan by u, rlly love it n enjoy feeling the ”feelingness” and the ”feelingless”!
    can a soul experience gyan n its understandings as well as continue efforts to want to lead a celibacy lifestyle, wat do you think. thank u


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