Question: in the 21 births article, is it possible that the one birth missing (out of 21) was between the Golden and Silver ages?

Thank you for your question. I will be more specific this time. Please bear with me. 🙂
Let us do some math.

8 births in Golden age with a duration of 125 to 150 years. Which of those numbers should I pick? or perhaps the mean or an average? Most choose 150 and then multiply that by 8 = 1200 years.
Since we know that the GOLDEN AGE LASTS 1250 years, then we see that 50 years are missing. Aren’t those 50 years part of the Golden age? YES. Then why should I call that period the “confluence between the Golden age and the Silver age?”

For convenience.

Let us not plug numbers conveniently, if we are going to use numbers. Those 50 years belong to the Golden age. The silver age does not require a confluence. It starts when the coronation of Rama and Sita occurs; just like day “1” starts with the coronation of Lakshmi and Narayan.

Besides if we are going to add “100 years” confluence between the Golden age and the Silver age, we must add some quantity(confluence time) between the Silver age and Copper age and between the Copper age and the Iron age. If we do that, then the numbers of births specified in gyan will not match.

Another point to consider if we keep on making calculations out of fixed numbers, are the duration of those births.
The Iron age has 42 births. If we divide 1250 between 42, that gives us 30 years of life as an average. That means that if you are a BK now and your age is approaching 100, you had to be born and die almost right away before, because 3 lives are already in your last birth. This is just to demonstrate that we cannot use a fixed number such as “150 years” in the Golden age to make calculations. We could live UP TO 150 years at that time but that is not the number for everyone in the GA. That is why I use Brahma Baba as the measuring stick.

Another point:
The only confluence age is at this time and it is for Brahmin souls only.
For there rest, there is entropy all the time.
The “confluence age” for Brahmins will end when Krishna is born. That time is not the “confluence age,” neither the Golden age. It is a time without a name, I’d like to call it “post destruction.” It should last 35 years, because if I recall correctly, that is the age of Krishna before becoming Narayan.

That is why, Brahma Baba takes his first birth “before the Golden age” and still has 8 births in the Golden age. That makes the 21 births. Also, let us recall that Krishna is completely Satopradhan, therefore; he will not experience any sorrow during that time… so basically, he will be experiencing the “in-laws.”

Thank you for your challenging question!

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