Comments on Sakar Murli 7-30-12

Essence: Sweet children, you are now being taken beyond with the Father’s glance.
To be taken beyond means to become a master of heaven.

Question: Who can put into practice the direction to break away from everyone else
and to connect oneself to only the One?
Answer: Those who have the aim and objective clearly in their intellect. Your aim and
objective is to go to the land of liberation. You have to remove your intellect’s yoga
even from your own body. Practise staying in silence, beyond talkie and movie,
because you have to go into silence, that is, into nirvana (the land beyond sound).

Song: Why should the moth not die?

Essence for dharna:

1. Remain stable in your original religion and experience silence because it is now
time to go to nirvana, the land beyond sound.

2. You are the children of the Bestower of Happiness. Therefore, give everyone happiness.
Do not cause sorrow for anyone. Become a true flower. Serve to change thorns into flowers.

Blessing: May you have faith in the intellect and be a destroyer of obstacles and remain
constantly unshakeable by knowing the secrets of knowledge.

By your remaining stable in the stage of a destroyer of obstacles, no matter how big an
obstacle is, it will be experienced to be like a game. Because of considering it to be a game,
you will never be afraid of obstacles, but will instead become victorious with great happiness
and also remain double light. With your awareness of the knowledge of the drama, every
obstacle feels as though it is nothing new. It will not seem new, but something from long ago.
You have been victorious innumerable times. Achalghar (home of stability) is the memorial
of those children who have such faith in the intellect and who understand the secrets of knowledge.

Slogan: When you have the power of determination with you, success will become the garland around your neck.


This Murli besides the traditional points on "time to go home," connect with Baba and no one else, etc. Had a good point to remember:
"The more educated someone is, the least that person will be open to this knowledge."
This is something to understand. There are exceptions to the rule but basically, most intellectual individuals who have invested lots of resources to gain worldly education will not understand this knowledge for their point of reference is very different than gyan.

Another point to recall is: "If you give sorrow, you will die in sorrow." That should illustrate the law of karma.

I liked the blessing very much: "To know the secrets of knowledge." It is very important to churn gyan so we could understand the self and the world. The knowledge of repetition when applied in front of a perceived obstacle, will give us the sensation of "nothing new." We have gone through it before,we should do it again.
When we apply gyan in a manner which will help us through obstacles, we have taken advantage of this knowledge.
Therefore, to know how to apply gyan to every situation in our life, is the beginning of "unlimited" wisdom.

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