Question: om shanti brother.i want to know the difference between karmabandhan and karmasambandh?baba has often said that we should be in karmasambandh bt not in karmabandhan?how can we perform our daily duties without entrapping ourselves into the karmabandhan?

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,

In English, those words have been translated as: “bondage of karma” = karma bandhan and “Relationship through actions”= Karma Sambandh.

If we just repeat the words we will take it literally as “bondage of karma,” and “relationship in karma.” Not much to figure out, unless we know what a “detached observer” is.
In a nutshell, BapDada is simply talking about being a “detached observer,” (relationship with Karma) and a “normal” body conscious person. (bondage of karma.)

Here is the example:
Let us say that “Normal Man” has a “Normal woman” as a wife. “Normal Woman” decides to have an affair. In the “normal world,” “Normal Man” will suffer for “Normal Man” is identified with the relationship of “Husband and Wife,” as such; “Normal Man,” has expectations and ideas about that relationship. Ego identifies with that possession of a wife and creates expectations. If “Normal Man,” was a “detached observer,” “Normal Man,” will see the other person as a soul acting a role of a “wife” in this moment, in this life. “Normal Man,” then will be a “Detached Observer.”

When in that stage of a detached observer, “karma” is happening. Infidelity is there just as if we were watching a “soap opera,” on TV. As a “Detached observer” there is still action, karma; but it is based on the role. In this case, whatever the consequences, a “detached observer” is immune to the TV program, it is not identified with it; but will act according to the role. Thus, if a “husband,” will act according to that role. Needless to say, there will not be suffering for there is no identification with the role, but yet is acting the part.

To get there is not about “behaving” like a detached observer, but it could only happen “naturally,” through the experience of the “real” self, the soul.

Best wishes!

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