Being Undivided

undivided mind

One of the most difficult things to put in words, is the experience of being undivided.
Nothing that we could know through the mind fits that explanation.

For that, many religions will explain their belief through contrasts between “good,” and “bad,” “God,” and “Evil,” “paradise and hell,” etc.

The reason for that explanation is just to reform something, which has been “corrupted.”
That is us, human beings. 🙂 Through a “natural” process known as “entropy.”

That “corruption” happens through time. It is part of “growth.” We add things to build the concept or sense of self. Those additions are like rust on a nail.
This is not “bad,” it is just life and the experience of duality.

This is why, “reforming” is needed. The issue comes when we believe in the “tool” of reformation as if that was the reality of life. That world is then portrayed as a fight between the forces of “evil” against the forces of “good.”
This is the childish theme of every superhero cartoon. (Superman, Dragon Ball, Wonder Woman, etc.)
This is the childish belief, which does not allow us to experience oneness and the undivided mind.

When we truly believe in this division of “good and bad,” when we draw a line on life as if life was a piece of paper with rules on both sides… then we will suffer, for life is like the Ocean…never still. We cannot draw a line in it… that line can only exist in our minds.

To know and to experience our own eternity makes everything else, every belief system, useless.
Do you know why? 🙂

Because there is nothing that could happen to you. You are eternal.

Nevertheless, just having the belief and mental concept of being eternal, does not do anything lasting to improve our condition, unless that concept takes away the “rust on the nail.”

We need to experience the undivided mind, where concepts and beliefs are not.

This is the realm of the eternal. That is the journey, the path of the seeker.

Good and bad, self and others, life and death: Why affirm these concepts? Why deny them? To do either is to exercise the mind, and the integral being knows that the manipulations of the mind are dreams, delusions, and shadows. Hold one idea, and another competes with it. Soon the two will be in conflict with a third, and in time your life is all chatter and contradiction. Seek instead to keep your mind undivided. Dissolve all ideas into the Tao.

Hua Hu Ching Ch. 41


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