Serving the world: Question by BK reader

“Question has been erased by request of reader. One more time, be aware of 2 things:
1- Avyakt7 does not wish to give personal advice to anyone as stated here: If you email me for personal advice, that question will be posted here for the “benefit of all.”
2. This blog is no longer about Brahma Kumaris knowledge. It is about Spirituality for all.

The response to the question is still there, for the answer does not have any “personal” advice in it.

Thanks. 🙂

Dear reader,
Thank you for sharing what is in your mind.
You have a belief and you want to live according to that belief. You see others who behave not according to your belief and you don’t want to be “like them.”

You have asked for my suggestion.
Here it is:
Once you realize your own immortality, your own eternity; no other belief will matter. Just be mindful of that. To be awaken is the greatest service someone could “do” to humanity.

One more thing: Your religion has one of the most profound explanations of life for people “residing” in the first level of consciousness. Go deep into it and ‘grow up’ from the childish stage of understanding. That childish “understanding” is what is typically being conveyed to the masses.

Let me go a bit into it:
The most important aspect from your religion is not that “you are a soul.” The word soul is meaningless for someone without the experience of it. The most important aspect is that “you” are eternal. That has meaning for someone who acknowledges his own “ending.”

Moreover, “you” are eternal and “everything” else is also eternal.
Then the first “beyond childhood” realization comes: “you” are part of “everything.” “You” are “everything.” The illusion, the belief of “you” separated from everything is not allowing you to see more.

With that understanding the “law of karma” becomes just another belief, for whatever you do… you do it to yourself… there is no “other”… 🙂 and if there is no “you” then there is the “eternal movie” to watch as a “detached participant.”

If there is no “you” then , “being better than” anyone else is out of the question. Being “special” is out of the question. There cannot be destruction for an eternal “movie.” Therefore, there is no living of “now” as it is, when you have in your mind that “now” will finish, be destroyed and rather wait for tomorrow, when there is no tomorrow yet. Fear will come as long as there is a “you” separated from the whole. That is the change of consciousness needed.

The above is written so you could realize the depth of something which is only grasped by many with a childish like mentality. If your consciousness is childish like, then obviously the “Father” will “speak” to you in that same mentality. To say that those “words of the Father are the absolute truth” is to miss the consciousness behind those words. Childish consciousness.

Rabbits hatching chocolate eggs for Easter is a belief for kids. The Father shows his respect to the children by allowing them to experience the experience of being children and to realize things by themselves.

That is why Avyakt7 is not here to convince anyone to change their beliefs. Avyakt7 will respect your belief just as the Father does.

Please reflect in the above without more beliefs. Discover your own eternity. Feel it, there is no separation. Go beyond that duality; see the unity of all and… the beauty of existence, as it is right now.

If Avyakt7 could send this message to all BKs… he would. 🙂

Best wishes!


  1. vvrisor

    “Serving the World”……through ‘ONENESS’, continuing the journey on the wheels of ‘DUALITY’, ‘WITNESSING’ the scenes around with ‘EXPERIENCES’……lovely eternal travel….avyakt7.


  2. Ramesh

    Tremendous learning.. I now understand how important silence is for our spiritual practice- two back-to-back posts one this and the other the problem with words.. this has really been an eye opener- With respect to this message going to all the BK’s.. it will reach them somehow-

    Wonderful as usual brother- I supplement the blog and look forward to seeing at-least one every day apart from the murli- apart from trying to learn from nature- today’s one was – nature is so beautiful till it hits a turbulence- then even it subsides after a point in time- Human beings also erupt the same way and then subside- isnt that wonderful


    • avyakt7

      Dear reader,

      Ups and downs, lows and highs… two different forms of the same thing, which is never the same 🙂

      Glad to know about your progress! Thank you for sharing it with all, Ramesh.

      It is good to know that a difference consciousness is happening. All the best!


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