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Consciousness and the “theory of everything.”

The disciple asked: “ Master, science is trying to describe all phenomena in the Universe through a ‘theory of everything.’ Is that something possible? So far, they have encountered 2 theories [Relativity and Quantum mechanics] which have been proven to be correct but are contradictory of each other. There is no consensus as to where one starts and the other ends…

The master replied: “Perhaps they are beginning to understand what duality is all about.” The disciple listened and wanted more, but the master kept quiet. “But master,” inquired the disciple, “It doesn’t make sense that a planet appears solid and has a clear path of movement but yet is made up by either non solid waves or particles which do not have an exact location and appear to have random movements.”

The master smiled and said: “ That is a riddle of consciousness.”

The disciple said: :”Consciousness? But master…What consciousness has to do with that?” The master said: “Everything. Are you still or in movement?” The disciple said: “Master, obviously I am sitting here still listening to you.” The Master replied: “Obviously. However, you are moving as well. Isn’t the planet moving? You are moving with it. Aren’t the cells in your body moving, changing? Who is still then?”

At that point the disciple didn’t know what to say. “But, master if everything is moving that means that movement is in relation to a point of reference…” The master said: “ Everything is moving but yet is at rest. That is duality. It depends on the location of your consciousness. That location will give you a particular experience. Have you seen a sunset?”

The disciple said: “Of course, master.” The master said: “ How is it possible for the Sun to disappear in the horizon?” The disciple said: “It is impossible, but yet we see it and call it sunset.”

The master said: “The sunset exists but it doesn’t. Duality. Even though for the great majority of people, there is the experience of a sunset; that doesn’t exist. The reference is in the observer.”

The disciple said: “But scientific experiments prove something as existent.” The master said: “ The point of reference is the human being. Using their human senses to measure things. Human senses have a limitation to perceive the unlimited. The physical world is real for most consciousness but limited for other consciousness. The Universe provides for all, according to how they want to see it, measure it, understand it, but it leaves mystery for more.”

The disciple said: “Oh! So everything is relative.” The master said: “Relative to the observer. As we gain more consciousness there will be no difference between the observer and that which is observed. But that consciousness is not in the collective yet.”

All of the sudden, the master asked to his disciple: “Are we predestined or do we have free will?” The disciple thought for a few seconds and said: “Both. But yet none…. However, we are predestined according to some people but with free will for the immense majority. All according to consciousness.”

The master smiled and said: “You have understood. Now observe the significance of such questions.”

Walking the path of Life

The master said to his disciple: “Experiences in Life are meant to peel all the layers of perceived knowledge, for those who are aware. Those who are not, merely will react according to likes or dislikes strengthening emotions. A strong like will create an avenue for pleasure, with the mental need to repeat certain experiences. A strong dislike will create a trauma due to a rejection of such experience. Caught up in such duality most human beings are unable to move on towards greater consciousness.”

The disciple responded: “It appears that everything is about the mind ….”

The master took a moment and said: “There are many types of seekers and every one of them is at a particular landmark in that path. In general, the mental layer is the first and perhaps most important at this time, to set yourself free. In this Life path, it is of no consequence to know how the brain works or to understand what is conscious or unconscious. What is very important is to observe what is there and what triggers it. How anxiety comes up? How fear arrives? How the sense of insecurity lingers throughout the day? What is like to feel at ease? Are we able to observe violence as we act? That is important.”

Then the disciple said: “I noticed that many seekers know the theory behind improving themselves. They know what to practice and what not. However, when tests in Life appear they fail the test. Why is that?”

The master responded: “Most likely they are unaware of their emotions. Thought cannot control an emotion. It can only repress it, but eventually; the emotion will surface with greater intensity. At this time, fear is one of the greatest emotions influencing most people. Those who have walked the path, know the importance of the process of catharsis for emotional liberation. While your arms are extending towards heaven; your feet are immersed in the depths of hell. To acknowledge that duality within creates that which we know as self. Transcending it means to integrate it.”

The disciple eagerly said: “Then that will be to know yourself? We arrived. Correct?”

The master calmly replied: “Because there is self, in the world of duality there is also no-self which is the collective consciousness. The most significant aspect of that collective consciousness is experienced through the emotional and mental roots of your family ancestry. ‘you’ are not only what ‘you are’ but what your family has been. There are branches from that family tree influencing you. Most are completely unaware of that. That is how the past is connected to the present and the future. Once that layer is peeled off, you are free to be no one.”

The disciple was a bit disturbed and responded: “No one? That is scary.”

The master immediately said: “And very gratifying indeed. Peel all the layers of the onion. What is left? Similarly, all those onion layers are like armors of ego protecting nothing inside. Do you see that? As you are peeling the onion, you may shed some tears, which at the same time will give you the fuel to smile with greater intensity. That is the gift of duality. To know who you are is to liberate yourself from the cage of yourself.”

Free movie time through the mind

The master said to his disciple: “There are 3 fundamental aspects in learning about the self while you are at the stage of going beyond the mind. First, is the observation of the mind through constant awareness of the content. You may notice there is day dreaming. That content is not in the present, but something in the past or future. Emotions will be influenced by content. It is like watching a movie continuously in your mind. For instance, you remember a sad story which happened in the past. The mind plays that movie. That story is not real anymore. The personality experiencing that scene is no longer here. Everything has changed. Feeling sadness in the present is fuel for more movie time; supporting repetition of that mechanism. Second, is identification with those thoughts. Unaware individuals will take a side and defend a particular view given by their own conditioning or experience. These individuals totally identify with their minds. There are other individuals who analyze apparent facts and assume the truth, but those are usually partial conclusions. The third aspect, is to be aware on how that content, identification and conclusions creates ego, that is a personality which separates from the actual movie of Life, without ever becoming aware of their inter-dependency.

The disciple listened attentively and then said: “Master could you explain with an example?” The master replied: “John speaks with Jane. John had an agitated day by dealing with individuals who would not acknowledge his ideas without putting up a verbal fight. When John spoke with Jane, he had the same fighter attitude and tone, he was still disturbed with memories. Jane concluded that John did not like her. Jane resented John and did not want to speak with him. John had a movie in his head playing. He was unable to disengage as another experience in the now arrived. Jane had a conclusion by analysis of the perceived facts. If there is a fight between them, both will defend their own positions; solidifying their egos and separation. Made up reasons to demonstrate how ‘I am right’ will affect that relationship.”

The disciple replied: “Master, but how do I disengage from that movie in my head? How not to make conclusions when it seems obvious?” The master stayed in silence for a few seconds and said: “Become aware of the movie playing in your head. Observe that any conclusion will close the possibility to perceive further realities. Allow room for unexpected things to be. With a conclusion you will act in a predetermined way. You may regret that. Many individuals entertain their minds through movies at this time. A movie will take them to a fantasy world. They may feel a rush inside, their emotions make them feel alive out of the boredom of repetition of every day life. However, they do not observe the movie playing in their own heads constantly.”

The disciple realized about his own day dreaming and content mixed with inner chattering and asked:”But without a movie, what should be there instead?”

The master said: “Nothing. The mind does not need to play a movie while you are driving or cooking or eating or bathing. That will happen as you become conscious of the mind playing an artificial movie in your head. Feel the real movie of Life instead, place your awareness into the activities of the present instead. While doing things in Life, do as you wish but be AWARE of it!”

On food, exercise and consciousness

The disciple asked: “ Master, many spiritual people say that we are souls or spirits having a physical, human experience; therefore, they teach to avoid activities which will support the experience of being flesh rather than spirit. Many have special diets and avoid mainstream forms of physical exercise. What could you share with me about that?”

The master observed his disciple for a few seconds and responded: “Many will emphasize the ideal and forget what is. That gap will create an inner fight in the follower and dishonesty within.” The disciple wasn’t expecting such generic answer, so he asked for further clarification.

The master said: “ I gave a general answer. If you had experience on what I said, you wouldn’t ask for more. Please remember this: As my answers become more specific they are further away from what is, even though; you may think that you understood.” The disciple did not understand that response either, but thankfully; the master continued.

“ As is your consciousness, so will be your understanding. Your activities will be accordingly. Many want specific answers from an authority so they can follow them based on trust and create a religion or philosophy to proselytize believing to have the right answer, the truth. However; in spirituality you need to walk the path yourself. Knowing the path intellectually is not walking it. But walking it, is to know it.” And then paused for a few seconds to continue: “We are conditioned through society. Many may need to physically exercise according to what society has sold them to be good, respectable, desirable: The gym, the swimming pool or to go out and run. They may create a habit, their bodies are used to that activity which will give them identity, as- I am this- and that could become an addiction fueled through the ideals of improvement and competition, supported by society. The body needs to exercise but exercise is not meant to exhaust you but to give you energy. Others have exercised their entire lives through work. Walking to the office, cleaning the house, farm work etc. but without conscious awareness. Finally there are others using meditative movements as exercise, conscious movements which are not only exercising the body but preparing them for conscious living. Their activities and consciousness will give them their diets. The range goes from eating anything to almost nothing to live well. Many believe that a can of soda is necessary to live or to drink alcohol, or to eat processed food. Others are conditioned to pleasure their sense of taste to eat endlessly, although the human body needs little food to function properly. These individuals are unaware of their addiction for the conditioning of society supports consumerism. They may believe that a person’s well being and happiness depends on obtaining consumer goods and material possessions.”

The disciple said: “ But that is the majority of people.”

The master said: “That is why they are not here now with you. Their consciousness is different. it does not mean that you are better, but just at another stage of the many faces of Life. As we walk the spiritual path our activities will change and so our diet. That change will be natural without inner conflict, in harmony with your new BEING. The only requisite is to honestly die from your old self: Your old beliefs, everything you think you know. I emphasize the word honesty. If we haven’t crossed that threshold we will not be ready for that ideal preached by religions and philosophies.”

The disciple then had an Aha! moment: “Oh, religions and philosophies may emphasize the goal, the final result rather than attending to the individual process, for not everyone is the same.” The master replied: “ Their goal is to massify everything, to gain followers. Even truth sometimes is determined by the number of followers a system has, but spirituality is not concerned with those things. Spiritual progress merges in a seldom walked narrow path.”

What is the concern of spirituality then?” Asked the disciple.

“Your consciousness.” replied the master.

Consciousness and Knowledge

The master and his disciple sat in front of the Ocean. It was the Bay according to human knowledge but the Ocean nonetheless. The disciple asked: “ Master, you have said that you are here to help me with consciousness and not to give me answers which I should find myself. Why is consciousness so important?”

The master smiled and said: “ Look at the Ocean. Any comments?” The disciple did not take too long to answer: “ Well, it is moving salty water, kind of bluish/greenish color.”

The master said: “That shows your consciousness. It is only about your senses. You are describing what your senses may perceive. That we may call knowledge. Many will change their consciousness momentarily through the ingestion of potions made of plants and thus their perceptions will be different, but the consciousness that we are interested in is BEING. A seeker wants to become good, loving, open, compassionate. BEING is the ultimate of becoming of any spiritual knowledge. “

As they were talking a Dolphin appeared from the Ocean and both looked at their swift, elegant movement. The master said: “ Do you believe that Dolphin to have the same consciousness as yours?” “No, master.” Responded the disciple.

The master then said: “It is like looking at a painting. Your position in relation with that painting will dictate what you perceive and what you don’t. The issue is that most believe what they perceive to be the only truth.” Then the master took a deep breath and continued: “ The human mind perceives separation, fragmentation and thus, there is continuous fight – There is the homosexual and the heterosexual, both identify with a fragment of their reality -their gender, and fight among each other. There cannot be common good in separation. Their fragmented vision is unable to see that both are still human beings. Different but the same.”

The disciple said: “ Oh! I see it. The mind will give a perception based on differences, separation, contrast, analysis, logic and that collective reality we will call truth. But that is just a perception.” The master then said: “ Now see and experience that reality in yourself. That requires consciousness, awareness to nourish your BEING. That experience cannot be told to another. It is not second hand information. You call me master not teacher. A master does not teach, but a teacher does.”

The disciple didn’t understand completely yet so, he asked more questions: “Master, Do i have other ways to perceive Life?” The master replied emphatically as if he wanted for his words to pierce the ears of his disciple: “FEEL IT. The Ocean is there to be felt just like Life. Feeling brings the common good for in that experience, we can connect with another being. The Ocean is a fabulous experience when you feel it. That could change your consciousness. However if you take the word ‘fabulous’ and merely repeat it because that is the ‘right answer,’ your mind may be content with such empty word, but never your heart.”

FEELING is very difficult for those who have been conditioned to only connect with Life through their minds.

Searching for the truth.

The disciple asked: “Master, I hear and read about life in other planets, then about spiritual entities like angels fighting with demons, and then religions preach about repentance of our sins before final judgment. I am confused with all of this. Are those true? What is important to know in Life?”

The master reflected on that question for a few seconds which seemed an eternity to his disciple and said: “ Important? That depends on who you are. Who you are depends on your state of consciousness. Look. Do you recall a time in your life when you thought you were the center of the Universe and everything revolved around you? Most children will go through that stage of great egotism. Plenty will stay that way as adults. For them, there is no other life besides their own. That is, they look up only for number one. “

The master paused and the disciple asked: “But master, how my question is related with your explanation?”

The master smiled and said: “ There cannot be other beings when I am all that matters. Life is about Me. My salvation, my family, my property, my land, my ideas, my religion, my beliefs supporting my life style, etc. With that mentality, all I care about is my life cut off from the rest and later on how to take what I value from others, for I am living to compete. It is the survival of the strongest and I want to be the strongest, it is about force, violence.”

“But master,” interrupted the disciple, “ What is the truth?”

The master looked at the disciple with care and compassion and after half a minute responded: “Have you experienced all of that which you have heard of?” The disciple replied, “No, master.” “Then…” the master said “ That which you have heard or read about cannot be the truth for you. It could be for others who have experienced those things.”

The disciple said: “ Master, Does God exist?”

The master said immediately, “God is needed for such consciousness, the ME first consciousness. God is necessary and helpful as a way to reform their minds from degradation.”

The disciple was a bit tired by now of not getting straight answers and said: “ I see that you will not give me a straight answer, the truth.” The master smiled and said: “ I am here to help you with consciousness, then you will find the answers yourself.”

Those searching for the “truth” are interested only in information. Their minds filled with words and beliefs from their own experiences or others, under the label of “truth.” Those who search for change of consciousness are very rare indeed; for they will need to understand the signs posted by Life pointing to inner change.

When does the mule get to eat the hanging carrot?

The master said to his disciple: “Humans are conditioned to see the world through the lenses of the mind. Once you learn to open your heart to relate with Life, you will have a different lenses and a different perception.”

The disciple wasn’t sure if he had the experience of the heart center or the mind, so he asked the master. “Master, how do I know if I am looking through the mind or the heart?”

As they were sitting in a place in Nature, a flock of birds passed by. The master exclaimed: “Look at the sky now. Do you see that?”

The disciple looked for a few seconds watching the birds pass by and said : “I see 12 birds flying by.”

The master said: “The mind is only interested in numbers and labels. Did you see the flying formation, the particular shape of it? Did you enjoy the moment? Those are traits of the heart. Most humans want to feel happiness and joy through the mind. They believe that there is such a thing as a “loving thought.” That is not possible. However, the mind knows about the pursue of pleasure which is not joy or happiness.”

The disciple said: “ Numbers will give an accurate description of what is there.”

The master said: “That may get you a job, but not a sense of fulfillment. Look. Fulfillment is the language of the heart. When we feel Life, there is that sense of fulfillment. In society, we have created “middlemen.” That is something in between which we think is the real. A job is a “middleman.” You obtain the job and then you THINK that you are fulfilled, for the conditioning is there to push you into that direction. With the mind we create a world of measurement: We measure seconds in a competition, dollars in wealth, ejaculations in sex and declare winners and losers through comparison, through statistics. To be identified with the label “winner” gives a person a conditioned boost of elation which he then relentless pursues as a measure of success for he believes that to be happiness, but it is only pleasure which cannot be satisfied. That is the trademark of the mind.”

The disciple replied: “The mind strives for fulfillment in something which cannot give that.”

The master smiled and said: “It is the game of the mule trying to get the hanging carrot.”

The mind creates the carrot, society the different types and colors of sticks to hold the carrot and the mule…. Remains a mule.