Question: In recent discussion you have mentioned that BK souls only have “stone intellect” and “divine intellect”? What is reason behind this? If so how to maintain constant divine intellect?

Thank you for your question!

In today’s Murli (10/6/12) Baba mentioned that “those who divorced the Father are fools.”
BK souls are the only ones who can do that. Right? 🙂

Labels aside, this knowledge is not understood by everyone. That is a fact of life. Not everyone had the experience of God through Brahma Baba. That is another fact.

BapDada mentions that “our third eye” has opened. That is a “divine intellect.” Through duality, only those who have experienced a “divine intellect,” can also experience a “stone intellect.”

That is why I said that only BK souls can experience both.

Maintaining that “divine intellect” is a numberwise matter, which to me is related with following the “code of conduct.” Being sensible rather than “strict to the dot,” is a display of balance, that takes time to figure out according to our circumstances. However, we cannot become “slack” in this either. That is another balancing act. Discipline goes along with flexibility as complementary virtues.

Best wishes!

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