Comments on Sakar Murli – October 13, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, at this time, your lives are like a diamond because you have become the children of God.
God Himself is teaching you. You become far-sighted and those with broad intellects.

Question: Through which effort are you children becoming far-sighted (durandeshi) and those with broad intellects?
Answer: Through remembrance of the Father you become far-sighted and through studying you become those with
broad intellects. To be far-sighted means to remember the Father who lives in the faraway land. The meaning of
manmanabhav is to be far-sighted. To have a broad intellect means to have the knowledge of the beginning, the
middle and the end of the world in your intellect. You first have to be far-sighted and then those with broad intellects.

Song: Our pilgrimage is unique.

Essence for dharna:

1. Become far-sighted and stay in remembrance of the Father and give others the introduction of the Father who lives in the faraway land.

2. Create methods to benefit everyone in the beneficial age. Do the service of removing everyone from the quicksand.

Blessing: May you be truly loving and equal and give the return of love by turning yourself.

The Father has deep love for the children and this is why He cannot bear to see the weaknesses of the children he loves.
The Father wishes to see His children complete and perfect, the same as He Himself is. Anyway, you children say: Baba,
what can we give you as a return of love? The Father also wants this return from you children, in that you turn (transform)
yourself. Out of love, renounce your weaknesses. Devotees are ready to cut off their heads and place them in front of God.
You do not have to cut off your physical head, but cut off the heads of Ravan. The heads of weakness should not even slightly remain.

Slogan: While performing every action, remain seated on the seat of a detached observer and the Father will become your Companion.

In this Murli we had several comparisons. Baba was comparing the Golden age with the Iron age as “elevated vs. corrupted” world also those with “broad intellect” meaning those with knowledge compared with those with “narrow” intellect.

The interesting point to realize is that in this “numberwise” game, being narrow or broad is not a “static” point, it is a scale with different numbers and with an “unknown” dividing point. Why?

Because Baba has mentioned in this Murli that even those who take a little knowledge will go to “Heaven.” 🙂 Moreover, accordingly, if you “indulge in vice” you will get “sever punishment” but ..still be in Heaven as an “ordinary subject.” Obviously, we cannot take that as “literal knowledge,” but to see that Brahma Baba was making everyone of those listening to him, closer by giving them the sense that “you belong, you will make it, but if you continue with your old ways, you will be a cremator…” 🙂

As a continuation from yesterday, Baba mentioned about “shedding your body like a snake does with its skin,” this is something experienced in the Golden age but obviously not here. Why?
Because there is no soul consciousness.

This Murli pointed out the importance of giving the “Father’s intro” to everyone, and to”help others in this way,” but to be careful “not to be trapped in quick sand.”

Note the emphasis was in giving knowledge, but first; that knowledge needed to be understood. It is not a “secret” that this knowledge is not easy to understand, but if you do; that means that you belong as Baba mentioned: “those who belong to the deity clan will understand knowledge and become Brahmins.” Therefore, the task is not really to “make others understand gyan,” but just to present it; if they belong; if they are BK souls, they will “get it.”

I liked the blessing as far as “cutting the heads of Ravan, those weaknesses; “ rather than the devotional “cutting your head to offer it to God,” although sometimes it feels the same… 😉

And the slogan was very good, “remain a detached observer and the Father will become your companion.” Now, let us churn this: Once you become a detached observer, do you need companions? 🙂 Food for thought, drink for feelings…

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