Question: I know souls who come to the center, on occasion, who have been meditating for 20+ years. I am sure they have experienced the immense benefits of silence and transformation with their practice. One can tell from who they are that they have a high level of awareness and dharna. In the space of the observer we don’t even “remember” God, because we are there, we are where he has come to teach us to be. So perhaps some other types of meditation practices cut out the middle man?! Perhaps, these souls are already experiencing the space of the observer (soul consciousness/Golden aged consciousness) What do you think?

Dear soul,
Thank you for your great question!

Through knowledge we understand that every person will have their own way to connect to the Divine.
We know about “sections” in the soul world according to religions, but we also experience variety of understanding for we are “numberwise.”

Many Non-Brahmin souls come already with some Dharna, especially if they have an interest in spirituality. They are “newer” souls than Brahmin souls. Lesser “entropy” is their experience. It is my experience to have met non-Brahmin souls who liked this knowledge and they took the teachings to fit their religions or philosophies. However, since they heard the Murli many times, churned gyan and practiced some of the Maryadas they also are part of the “numberwise” Brahmin family.

Their meditation styles will give them a certain experience which these souls will feel comfortable with. That is exactly what they need to experience.

Similarly, in the Brahmin family, we have a variety of definitions and meditation styles based on Sakar Murlis and Avyakt Murlis.
We have the “remember me alone,” “remember the cycle,” “remember the Golden age,” “remember the knowledge,” and the bottom line, expressed as “become soul conscious.” There are many interpretations of the above.

Out of this, some Brahmin souls like to meditate based on romantic feelings towards Baba, others, like to meditate with thoughts of “I am a soul, this is my body,” some others; will put their music and their red lights and “think on Baba,” some others will read the Murlis as their meditation, and yet some others will just sit there and fantasize. Numberwise.

Also, we have remembrance as explained in Avyakt Murlis, which I do not hear much about those.
The experience of the “point,” is one of them, the experience of being a detached observer is another one, concentration by wrapping up all thoughts and feeling the soul and connecting to the Father.

I have shared the “atemporal” stage here which was taught to me by a good friend of mine, etc. As we can see there is a variety, which will be understood in many ways as well according to our own experiences.

However, there is something that we are forgetting and that is that the experience of mediation cannot be put into words. Every soul will experience exactly what they need to, according to where they need to go.

Best wishes!

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