Experiencing the experience of a Detached Observer


In this spiritual path, there are many experiences. All of them “good,” all of them “right.”
Sakar Murlis mention about “experiencing Baba’s hands in our life.” “I sit with you, I eat with you, etc.”

Many will feel that experience to be accurate. Many will feel protected. Many will feel that God is particularly with them. That is great.

Meera had visions of Krishna. For her, that was real, according to Gyan, it was a “vision.”
Other souls from other religions had visions as well. Those are called “Godly visions,” or “Godly experiences.”
That is “good.” Their experiences go along with their roles.

Nevertheless, Where is soul consciousness in that? 🙂

Sometimes I feel to be the one around who doesn’t want for Baba to treat me like a little child. I feel that I need to grow up. I feel that eventually being the master of the self is more than that feeling of being “Baba’s eternal little child running for his protection.” “You eat with me, you sleep with me, you wake up with me.” 🙂

Until I finally found the depth of the avyakt Murlis.

All of that “little child” language which is fine, OK for some but not for me anymore; is translated into being a Detached observer. I like that! 🙂

If we are just into getting “concepts right,” we will never experience what it is. For we have already a concept of what should be. Let me ask someone what a “detached observer is,” then let me look up the words in the dictionary and then, I will make up my own “performance” of being a detached observer.

It is not something that “I act” or pretend to be. “From now on, I will be a detached observer.”
Through the experience of meditation, there is a point where all thoughts and thinking are “packed up.” At that point, we could experience the self. In that experience of the self, THIS EXPERIENCE BECOMES REALITY. Then we can automatically understand what is a detached observer without thinking about it, for that experience will change us. It is almost like having little bites of sugar every time we meditate, eventually the body reacts to all the sugar we have placed in our system.

Similarly, after experiencing the self in its blissful state; there will be a change in our vision and outlook of life. This change is not a “simple performance” or acting made by our thoughts on what should be a “detached observer.”
In that experience, “we are like the Father.” When you are “like Him, you have His company.”


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