Readers Remarks: The soul, Hammeroff and Chopra
Interesting link Racking their brains to understand intellectually.. Instead, they could stop thinking and experience… They have no idea what they are talking or even missing 🙂

Avyakt7 responds:
Dear soul,
Thank you for the link!
Yes. Interesting link. Too bad that I will not have the time to read it all. 🙂
It is interesting to note how our society has evolved into intellectualism and the belief in theoretical information for all aspects in life, and because of that; there will not be a clear experience of spirituality.

If one of those intellectual MD.s could take the time to “experience” the self, they will know without a doubt; but then, they are more concerned in “proof,” even though; their own inner transformation will be visible.

As my father would say: ” they are just theory.”

Best wishes!

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