Question: What is the logic behind existence of DYNASORS crores years back while drama is only of 5000 years?

Great question!

I do not know what is the logic behind it. 🙂
Science says that we have existed for millions of years and that everything had a beginning.
Gyan says that everything is eternal and that there is a cycle of 5000 years.

Who do you believe? 🙂
In my experience, I have experienced “deja vues,” “fortune telling,” and had premonitions. All of that proves to me that in fact there is a cycle of time. If you want further “proof” about a cycle at the intellectual level, then I urge you to read this article here. it has plenty of logic and reasoning behind it as well as scientific theories. A must read for analytical minds… 🙂

As far as the “dinos,” i have written on that extensively here.
My position, as explained in the article is very practical: Does it matter whether Dinosaurs existed or not?
if you read that article you will find that there are many things which science is not sure of and that as far as I am concerned, make those statements as simple “theories.”

I am leery about the “millions and millions of years” story… as well as the artists drawings of dinosaurs…. Better stick with the Flintstones! 🙂

Best wishes!

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