Question: Dear Brother, Where is Dharmaraj puri ? When shall it be formed ? Who is Dharmaraj and what is his role ?

Thank you for your question!

Let us review some “pure gyan,” to find that out.

“Dharamraj” is the equivalent of “purgatory,” in Christianity. It is a “land” where souls will be purified before entering the soul world.

Once a soul has performed all the roles assigned to “it,” then there is a “transition” for that “purification.” (meaning the experience of being completely body-less.)

Since this cannot happen in the physical world, neither in the soul world; then.. where could it happen? πŸ™‚ Here is where the knowledge of the “3 worlds” comes in.

It can happen in the “subtle region.” As we know, every human being has a subtle body. Through that subtle body there will be this experience of “suffering,” if there is no awareness of the soul conscious state; there will be clinging to the physical body and physical relationships.

This is “settling” of karmic accounts which are pulling us back to the physical realm. The more attached we are to the physical world, obviously; that means greater experience of suffering.

The subtle world has always existed.(This is one of the tenets of “pure” Gyan; everything that exists has always existed.) We just became aware of that according to time.

There is a connection with our subtle bodies; although we may not be aware of it.

Best wishes!

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  1. B.K.Gayathri

    Om shanti.

    Baba says that as Dharmraj He would only show us our mistakes/ sins but would not punish us Himself. He was/ is/ will be just a Detached Observer.

    The ‘punishment’ that we undergo in Dharmraj puri would be ‘self-inflicted’. The soul watches his/ her sins and experiences pain and suffering based on what it is viewing. The soul realises its mistakes/ sins and ‘experiences’ equal amount of pain and sorrow that he/ she had inflicted on others.

    That is how the soul gets purified and returns home as a pure soul sans all the weaknesses and vices he/ she had in the last birth.

    Mostly, it seems like (sounds logical too) we settle all our karmic accounts of the previous births before leaving the present body. Yes, we do not know/ remember what all foolish, useless, and sinful things we had performed in our previous births; but we know the ‘root-cause’ of all those actions which is body consciousness.

    So, the more we let go of our b.c. or, the more we improve our soul consciousness, the more our sanskars get reformed and sins will be burnt.

    So, when we reach the subtle region for the ‘final purification’,we will be left with the (fresh) sins of this last birth that we could not settle before leaving the body. πŸ™‚

    The near death experiences that we have read explain how loving is/ was the DIVINE LIGHT (Baba/ Dharamraj)and how a few angel like people (8 jewels who will sit in the tribunal) were supportive and accommodating. Baba and the 8 jewels will not ‘condemn’ us for our ‘misdeeds’, rather, by giving love and support, they enable us to withstand our pain and suffering.

    What else can we expect from the Ocean of Love and the Ocean of Knowledge who understands the Drama and our roles? The 8 jewels who sit in the tribunal are equal to the Father at that time hence they too shower love and power on the souls who are going through the process of ‘settlement’.

    It is the Spiritual law that any soul has to lose its power of purity with time and has to regain it fully by the end of the drama either through realisation, or suffering, or both. So, the sweet Father and the 8 angels just assist us to understand our mistakes and to get rid of the dirt of vices.

    Let us use the power of knowledge and yoga and remove our vices as much as we can so that we would not need to suffer much on our way back HOME.

    Another point related to this aspect is – Baba says that the ‘punishment time’ would not be long, it might take just a few seconds.

    One may wonder how could we view our long list of sins in such a short time. True, we are used /habituated to think of time as something that runs in a linear fashion. (sorry for loss of words to express my thoughts in a better way.) But many souls who had the near death experiences were able to see ‘All the important Events of their life’ in a few seconds!

    So, it is possible. While describing the ‘Dharmaraj puri’ (the name of the subtle region on our way back Home), Baba says that even though it takes very little time to view our sins and to go through the suffering, one experiences that period to be like a very long time.

    Our sweet brother Einstein’s theory holds good even in the subtle region! πŸ™‚

    Let us become wise and alert and become a sample for many many souls
    by transforming ourselves and inspiring them also to make sincere effort.

    Let there not be the FEAR of punishment but the willingness and enthusiasm to regain our lost purity and strength.

    yad pyar,


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