Levels of understanding: Repeat, Churn, Imbibe


“In the physical there are 2 rulers with 2 kingdoms, the Kingdom of Rama and the Kingdom of Ravan.”
“Baba does not give sorrow to anyone, it is Ravan.” “ Now, you are going to the Kingdom of Rama.”
“The Father has come to save you. There is the procession of the Groom and the brides. He will take you back home, to the land of Peace…” “Children remain pure only this birth.”

If we take that literally, we are still using that language. It is poetic, it is romantic, it is easy to follow and to understand…. But there is no depth in it unless we churn it.

Baba is plainly talking about duality. Duality is something that we need to experience in this physical world. This is “High school” understanding.

“College” level understanding will allow me to see that there is duality only in the copper age onwards. Soul consciousness means to be free from duality; that is the Golden and Silver ages.

Now that we understand the beauty of predestination and that roles are running through us, we can see and understand ego and at the same time, we can see that is actually the Drama playing out which will “give us our kingdom.”

Of course, “Graduate level” understanding will show us that “we never had a kingdom” to begin with. The role allowed us to experience “having a Kingdom” but in soul consciousness there is no “consciousness“of “mine,” thus, is it your kingdom?

Here is when imbibing takes place. Ego is no longer in control. We can observe it.

Knowledge, Godly gyan can be very deep. It could be very challenging to understand without understanding. All of these paradoxical things will not allow us to “imbibe” divine virtues, although it will give us “freedom” from the cage of thinking “inside the box.” The box of repetition without understanding.

Once we understand the power of the Drama, words like “detachment” and “tolerance” are just unnecessary words meant to explain ideas which everyone will understand if we realize how ridiculous is for an eternally repeating “movie” to affect us.

Baba mentions that everything that exists has a name and form. We are “slaves” of names which automatically give us a form. That is “thinking.” If we could just be “free” from thinking, could we see something new?

You bet.

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