The danger of beliefs

When there is a belief about something; that same belief will take us away from the fact of our own existence.

The above may not be important for most, for beliefs are needed in a society to keep the “ways” of living, but to understand the extent of a belief is of utmost importance to awaken by realizing the “self.”
In a few words, to look inwards is not possible when our being is occupied on outwardly things.
Let me be more precise.

The belief on reincarnation, the afterlife, destruction of the planet, the Golden age and even God, even though all of that may be “true,” all of that will be a handicap later on.
Because we will forget about “us” right now. “Our” consciousness.

Many have had experiences with God in one way or another. That was part of their lot of life experiences; to have known something “unusual,” however, that is not something which will help us understand the self as it is right now.

With our own pre-conditioning, fears, anguish, worries, loneliness, sorrow, etc. The belief that “someone will magically take all of that away from you,” well… is a belief.

Are those beliefs wrong then? NO at all. They have a function; their function is to move people into certain direction. To bring awareness up to a point. For example, if someone is used to smoking as a part of being “normal” in this society; a surgeon’s general advice such as “Smoking may be dangerous for your health” is not enough to deter that individual from smoking. In a “normal” society with conflicting values, money talks…you know.

On the other hand, if God has said that you must stop smoking or you will not reach Paradise; then that has a greater impact to change, especially if someone has had “divine” experiences. Obviously for others who do not have experiences, the fact that “God has said so,” will not mean a thing.

Please see the following logic: “Because God has said that I shouldn’t smoke, then smoking is bad.” Moreover, “You must not hang out with people who smoke because their influence will change you.”

The above is called a belief. We may not realize that the phrase “God has said this” is meant to keep us out of trouble BUT, keeping us out of trouble does not mean that there was a change to realize the self, our own eternity.

This is very important. We could live a life when we don’t smoke, drink, have sex, mingle with others who are “non-spiritual,” don’t argue with anyone, etc. We may have good health, we may have greater time for ourselves; but just to keep the above “don’ts” will not make that change of consciousness towards greater awareness.

Please do not misunderstand me. Avyakt7 is not saying that “we shouldn’t do what we believe in.” Avyakt7 is merely stating that change of consciousness will not happen by just following certain behavior patterns. There will be greater health, time and energy by following certain things; but that is the groundwork, the foundation to build the house of self realization. For someone who wants to self realize, the foundation is just the beginning.

That health, time and energy must be used to understand and realize our own self.

How is that change of consciousness possible?
There are many “good people” in the world, but there are very few who are not self-centered.
A belief will strengthen our own self-centerness.

The “I” syndrome. “I” want to be this or that in the “future.” If “I believe this, then God is with me and He will help me.”
Out of my own experience: Life, God, Divinity, etc. may provide the environment to “study” ourselves; but there is no God who will help only “you” and not “another” person to the next step. That is something that we have to “do” ourselves. We have to walk the path with our own two feet. 🙂 and then… paradoxically, help will come. 🙂

In my experience, acceptance of everything as it is; is the first and fundamental cornerstone for a change of consciousness.
That “acceptance” is not something like: “I need to accept everything from now on, because God has said so or some Guru, priest, etc. I must follow.”
That is a belief.

The acceptance that Avyakt7 is talking about comes from your core as the understanding that “I” is the greatest illusion, thus we become like an open door when there is no further judgment or noise in our minds about something that is happening. That acceptance of what is, comes when we are in that state of gratefulness and amazement of life itself; when we can perceive that there is no distinction for all beings are inter-related.

We cannot reject our own arms. We can realize that, but similarly is with anything/anyone in life.

That acceptance has different degrees, it is not the same for all. Variety.

When we are experiencing that acceptance, we don’t need the belief that: “I must not be close to Dan, for he is a smoker. God has said not to.”

In the consciousness of acceptance there is no rejection of Dan but at the same time, there is no rejection of our health, for “our” health means health for all.

Dan is not the same as “smoking.” There is something in Dan which is like “me” that is what we call humanity.
The movement of consciousness could go from “I” to humanity.

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