The Golden rule


Once we understand the different types of consciousness, then we could observe how this consciousness of individuality has influenced our moral teachings, which are brought alive through different religions and philosophies.

For example:

“One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.” OR
“One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated”

Here we can see the division between “you” and “I.”
The golden rule then states that there is a division, a difference which needs to be bridged through a “new” behavior.

That is what a moral code entails.
As people could not change their behaviors through “nice words,” then the addition of “strong words” were needed along with elements of fear and punishment to keep things in “control.” 🙂

“You must not do this.”
“Do not try that. ”
“Never do this or that..”

Those are commandments.
Humanity has decide to live “happily” with those “moral ideas,” nevertheless; Humanity as a whole has not understood the teaching of reciprocity among humans.
There is no change in consciousness despite the many religions and philosophies and the high number of adherents to them.

Do you know why? 🙂

Because the same consciousness of individuality has prevailed.
In other words, psychologically there is no change. External agents such as laws and moral codes do not change consciousness, they merely change behavior through fear.

Once we see this without covering things up and defending our own beliefs, then perhaps a light for change of consciousness could be perceived.

The Golden rule is a great teaching as long as we stay in the consciousness of individuality, because it pretends to avoid further conflict among humans.
The Golden rule teaches reciprocity, as in “if you scratch my back, I will scratch yours,” but in that “equality” there is no change in consciousness, it is just change of behavior at the most.

“If you don’t do that reciprocity game, then you will go to hell for ever.”
That is Fear. Inducing change through fear is like blinding yourself from seeing the Sun by covering your eyes with one hand.
If you need to do something else, you will take your hand away from your face at your convenience (making sure that no one is watching you) and cover your face again as “needed.”

As we could see, what is required is to change our consciousness and not to patch our external behavior through commandments and laws.

When there is the consciousness of Totality, of relatedness with the whole, then we could behave in that consciousness without fearing anything. Consciousness drives behavior naturally.
Laws and “do not’s” only change behavior.

In that consciousness of Totality, our activities will be for the common good rather than for the benefit of “me” and my “group.”

Then, it is in this consciousness of Totality how there could be a change, without repressing ourselves.

That consciousness is developed when we go back to our origins, to Mother Nature. That is the practical aspect of it.

Without a close proximity to Nature, our paths will lead us into further separation.


  1. Syracuse Machine Tools

    your writing are so thought provoking that I want to comment saying bravo after reading every single post of yours. But I don’t at the risk of repeating myself. But know that I say it my head every time. Thank You for enlightening us or should I say yourself cause you are me and I am you 🙂


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