Predestination and free will under a different consciousness


When we have the consciousness of being separated from everything else as “individuals” only, then many things appear in a certain way to our understanding and consciousness.

For instance, the belief in “free will” is the support of that individuality. “I do things because I want.”
“God has given me free will.” “I get punished if I do not follow God’s rules,” etc.

Those beliefs are deep in our “normal” psyche.

Here is “I,” here is “God,” and there is “you” and everyone else. Separation.

Predestination is viewed as the denial of that individuality. In other words, “I am a puppet of destiny” rather than the “master of my own destiny.”

See the difference in both beliefs?

Why is that consciousness of individuality ingrained in us, if we could see that there is truly interdependence on everything that exists?

There cannot be a tree just by itself. A tree is interdependent with soil, water, sunshine, wind, birds, humans…
Do we see that life or destiny is “pushing” everything in a “togetherness,” which we fail to realize?

Why are our minds so caught up in defending that individuality at all costs?

That is called consciousness.
When any religion or philosophy manifests its ideas or dogmas through the consciousness of individuality, then; it does not matter how wonderful that ideology is… it cannot be complete… 🙂 Do we see why?

Because the reality of interdependence or Totality is not there.

Under that consciousness of Totality, the words “free will” and “predestination” are useless and meaningless.
Do we see that?
It is not “ME” deciding my mission in life. It is the whole, the Totality and that Totality is not separated from “Me” for “I am” that… 🙂

Even though every human being has a “different mission” externally as individuals, in “reality” all of those differences are interrelated just like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to make up a greater “reality.”

Therefore, the change in consciousness comes when we are able to integrate into that Totality, that is to be “merged” into that Totality.

Why do we need to merge?
Because we have this consciousness of predominant individuality.

So you are saying that individuality is false, an illusion?
Individuality is just a way to manifest our consciousness. It is not the only way, but for those who can only be conscious of individuality, that is their dogmatic “truth.”

To go beyond the mental grip of “free will” and “predestination” we may need to experience a different consciousness. At that point, we could be “I” but knowing that this “I” is related with “you,” is inclusive of that “you” rather than completely isolated.

Being conscious of our eternal nature, extends our awareness into the Totality, the Drama of life, the Tao, life, Universe etc. It is in that awareness how we can walk the path without being separated from it, that is being “one” with it, being “merged” with it… with God.

That consciousness of being just an individual is limiting an “unlimited” being.



  1. BloomLisa

    What an interesting and thought provoking post. I am a student of ACIM and your words resonate deeply as I am immersed in lesson after lesson about love, forgiveness and the connection that ties everything together. It is slowly become habitual and creating an entirely new perspective on life. Glad to have stumbled across your blog today!!!


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