The Spirituality of rejecting “what is.”

The day I found that every route I took, every journey I started, every path I followed only took me away from “me”…that was the day I found that every experience I had at that time, was only taking me back to “me.”

According to time, from now on I will be sharing 3 times per week. Most likely every other day. 🙂

This sharing is meant for those who are already aware of the “I.” Not in theoretical understanding, but those who are able to perceive it everyday in Life.
If you are not, this sharing will be of no benefit for you yet. It will be just information which more likely, will be misinterpreted. That is the “fine print.”

Spirituality as we know it, deals with correction of “what is” into some ideal of what “should be.”
Become an angel, a saint, loving, tolerant, etc.
All of those ideals become the “thing” to achieve.

Every religion or philosophy have their own way to “achieve” those ideals as if those ideals could be mapped out for the masses to achieve those results.
“Do these steps and you will achieve. If you don’t achieve, that is because you are DOING something wrong.”

The interesting aspect is that for all followers that every single religion has had in time, very few even less than a handful could probably be counted as “achievers” of that ideal.

The “odds against you” have been utilized as a way to prove that “more effort is needed,” “more sacrifice is required,” “more doing is necessary.”

As a matter of fact, through my own experience I could say now, that there is no single method which is the “method.” Self-realization is not a structured path.

It is my experience that without acknowledging and being aware of “what is,” whatever belief of what “should be” in its place, in the future, is self-deception.

Let me put in another way:
Some Guru tells me that “I need to become loving.”
That is his teaching.
At that point, “I” will “DO” everything that I think of as being loving according to my experience. Notice that without “BEING” loving already, there is no way to know what is love. It is not a thought or an ideal.
Notice that being loving is not a static ideal, but an ongoing change according to circumstances and situations. Again, it is BEING. Feeling.

DOING cannot become into BEING. DOING can only change behavior. Thus, “I” will think to be “loving” because “I am DOING” things which I believe to be love.
For instance, to feed others, give hugs, smile, talk nicely, etc. Those things in the static mind have the tag of love.

As mentioned many times before, behind the action there is an intention, a feeling which will drive the quality of that action.
Love is a feeling. It has nothing to do with actions. However, an action coming from the feeling of love, it is a loving action.

Another example?
Andrea advised her friend: “Before talking with your daughter, become loving. Give lots of love to her.”
Meaning: You are not love, but “be” it for this particular time. Whatever the collective understanding of love may be, Be it.

If you are not love, you can only fake it. You can only “act” loving.

That inner dishonesty is what common spirituality is unable to solve.

What is that dishonesty?
BEING which does not align with DOING.
Do good, do this, do that but internally there is an egocentric, egomaniac, fragmented personality which is unable to feel what love is, because there is so much “I” clouding the feeling. If that person cannot be aware of that fogginess, DOING is all that person will be aware of and because of that, all the DOING will be colored with ego centered activity.

He will help others, build temples but the feeling is not love but ego boosting. He will be hugging others and smiling to others, but the intention, the feeling is : “I am so good, great, God’s helper, etc.” Those actions will be part of the ego enhancing life style.

Busy in trying to “achieve” an ideal in the “future,” “what is” is forgotten, dismissed in the “now.”

When we become aware of what we “are” in a particular time, that awareness brings change.
That capacity to recognize in us what we could see in others, brings acceptance of “that” and thus openness for change.
It is not a mental process of inner talk and labeling: “This is anger, anger is bad. I must avoid it. Please forgive me God.” It is not about labeling that which we are aware of as “good” or “bad”, but just to be aware of that feeling, that emotion which is “us” at that point in time. As that emotion has arrived, it will go away by itself unless we reject it… then it will stay.

Because when there is an “I” DOING things, trying to fix things, in ourselves by rejection of “what is,” then we have not learned the lesson that everything changes, moves, does not stay fixed. A rejection of the “I” becomes a wall, stopping the flow of that rejected energy.

That is why, Ananda wouldn’t dare to call “anger” as “bad.” It is energy which could be useful if redirected.

Do you feel lust?
Are you going to deny it, reject it, label it as “evil” to accommodate your thoughts and behavior for an ideal of “I should be lust free”?

That is called self-delusion.

Observe it, be it, let it be… and let it go. When we are empty, that happens without the permission of the “I.” There is no “I” acting as a wall for that energy to stay.

It happens NATURALLY.

But when there is an “I” judging, rejecting, choosing according to a belief of what is “good” or “bad,” then that energy will be easily trapped in that “I.” Because of that, we will ACT (doing) something with that energy in us.
That is a lustful act. It is the “I” + lust.
Someone who does not reject internally the energy of lust but who has a big “I,” will be that energy as well for the “I” identifies with whatever it touches.

What is the issue?
The “I.”

The above is not spirituality for the masses. It requires the time to observe our own processes. It requires the ability to accept what we are, without labeling our state of being and without the pressing need to become some ideal. It requires for someone to be free from beliefs and just to be aware of “what is.”

“ I am lonely. Book XYZ tells me that “I” shouldn’t escape from it. That “I” should embrace it….”

A “should” is a rejection.
DO nothing. Change is inevitable.
In a world of changes there is nothing static but our minds. The feeling of loneliness is not “bad.” Feel it, observe it, acknowledge it, it will go.
But… if you feel it then reject it, judge it, label it, do something about it… It will stay.

To become aware, to awaken in acceptance of “what is” may be the greatest religion to join, the great philosophy to learn and the God to follow.
However, if awareness hasn’t awakened in us, we may need a religion, a philosophy and a God to follow.

How do I know that?
Because I have been there and through awareness, I have witnessed my own process. That is what is being shared. It is not something that I read someplace, or some “realization” out of my thinking mind, or some spiritual class that I took, or some youtube video that I watched.
It is living Life.

BEING is our state of consciousness.


  1. salwa

    Thank u dear Brother,salutation of love and peace,
    Ur sharing Is interesting as usual, cos u have. Let emerged ur unlilimitted intellect , broad mind..once our consciousness changes, as all things in life do change..we start witnessing the realities that change too.
    nevertheless, I always feel I have to reply. To one point..”.there Is no should” u said…to be , should are tones of the same be..and so as every thing changes , this verb. Also changes at its own time,according to the internal drama of the self.
    .when I see my child burning him self with the hot tea , cos he is going down the ladder, quickly, and so having less attention to his steps , I have to tell him ..well , next time , I think u should go down slowlier,,focus on ur steps , ur hands and the cup of hot should….
    the child may do it by him self , or may not, but the parent s duty is to tell , to teach ,,to give advise..
    I agree we are love , we don’t. Become. Love..nevertheless we can just have amnesia.of who. We are ..then some one or s thing can come to remind us. And that inner love flow. Naturally
    I lick when u say I ➕lust are 2…and I think this is impurity,,is the intention u have while u act..ur vision ,…… ur intention is what u are.

    .when I remains love , all my actions are expression of the inner spiritual energy. Of of the powers of the soul that I appreciate the power. To merge..that is to pack up..and take the essence of every thing

    love and respect


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