Question: Dear Brother, Is it so that during sangamyug only bramhin soul will settle the karmic account and not the non BK? If so then when the non BK start setteling their account?

Good question! Thank you. 🙂

Every soul settles their karmic accounts throughout their roles. It is “cause and effect.” The difference is that a Brahmin soul settles karmic accounts to emerge sanskaras from the Golden and Silver ages. In other words to emerge what Baba calls “Divine virtues.” This could be known as experiencing “lower entropy” or “ascending the ladder.”
Other souls, will settle their karmic accounts as well through the law of cause and effect as far as their role permits for there is no aim of “emerging” a more “satopradhan” (purer) role in them; that is why Baba refers to that as “descending the ladder,” meaning experiencing duality and higher entropy; while Brahmin souls have the chance to “ascend,” (experiencing bliss which is non-dual and lower entropy) based on an “aim and objective” which matches their capacity, according to knowledge and the Drama.

Best wishes!

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