The big questions in life

thin ice

In the mental world, a question and answer debate is expected. Politicians do it and it is amusing for the general public. Professors and intellectuals do it, to show off how much information they have acquired.

Religious people such as theologians do it and come up with fantastic answers, which the general public may accept as the “truth.”

Ask me anything you want. I have an answer for you. Whether you believe me or not, it will not make a difference to you. No difference.

Who am I?
Where do I come from?
What is the purpose of life?

🙂 I can tell you anything. If you believe me, that belief will be another mental information to recite back to someone to convince or even to convince yourself, but that intellectual answer has made no difference whatsoever in you. No difference.

Who am I? I am a soul. I am a body. I am an alien… I am…a lawyer…
Where do I come from? From Mars, from Heaven, from God…
What is the purpose of life? To die, to become a wealthy congressman, to breathe, to be seated next to God…
Pretty words, ugly words… No difference. 🙂

Every answer only defines yourself as something. When a person is defined then there is a limit already in our minds as to what we are supposed to be or to do. That limit is detrimental in our inner discovery for whatever we discover out of our own experience will need to fit our mental beliefs to consider that experience “good,” “right.”

Ladies and gentlemen, to ask those questions are just an intellectual game. Today you may be convinced of an answer, tomorrow you may disagree. Do you know why?
Because you are never the same! 🙂

That is why I agree with the great philosopher, spiritual guru and distinguished intellectual, Mr. Pharrell Williams, when he sings: “Clap along if you feel that happiness is the truth.”
Believe what you believe…
No difference in the inner wall.
Feel happy now, that is all! 🙂


Nevertheless, some believe that you must be the same. Some believe that you must have the same ideology, the same beliefs, the same thoughts. Do you know why?

Because it is easy for them to put you into a convenient “box,” a label. “She is a Hare Krishna devotee. He is a Russian.” Those are limits imposed into a person.

In a different consciousness, you are open to discover your own potential. You do not place mental limits in you.. You discover without labels, that is you are out of the mental cage of beliefs.

You can believe anything you want about anyone. Even if you meet that person, you will never get to know the person. Do you know why? 🙂

Because if that person is alive, that person is changing all the time, unless you want for that person to fit into your mental world of labeling.

To appreciate yourself and others as a mystery, as something to be continually discovered without putting limits to yourself or to others, is truly a work of art.

In this consciousness, life is a mystery to be uncovered as we live life; thus our lives are never the same, there is always novelty because there is no limitations as to who we can be.

Two small kids were skating in the ice. One of them made a jump in the air and the ice collapsed. This kid was trapped in the ice and he couldn’t come out. The water was very cold. The kid was going to drown without help. His friend immediately used one of his skates to hit the hard ice around, to make room to pull the kid out. He was successful!!

Later on, when “help” arrived, one of the paramedics said: “How were you able to break the ice… you are only a small kid? That is impossible!”

The answer to this question is simple:
No one told the kid that he couldn’t do it. He had no limits yet.


  1. ranjan

    dear brother,
    my question has a link with my past.I was influenced by lust since before my teenage (I consider them as my past birth’s sanskaar which got emerged ) I ruined myself ,got impure again & again no. of times. I lost everything in this life due to lust
    I lost my relationships. I lost wealth, I lost my wealth,my everything. I came to know about bk knowledge much later. In the beginning I really enjoy this knowledge & it was working for me,but the past came in front of me again & again, past’s influence on my health,wealth become a problem for me,the bigger problem I cannot disclose my problem in front of any one, I dont want to leave this godly family & knowledge. I want to know as a being who has totally lost his purity what is my future in bk knowledge. and bk family, as I try hard to change my sanskaars but unable to conquer


    • avyakt7

      Unfortunately your question cannot be considered for the “common good” for it deals with a particular religious group.

      I will not answer such questions. But you may want to post it in this website:

      My best wishes to you! 🙂


    • avyakt7

      Dear Ranjan,
      Avyakt7 will not answer personal questions anymore.
      That role is over. However if you have a question that could be of benefit for the common good and not just for a particular group, you are welcome to post it here and that could be responded through a MP3 sharing.

      Thank you! 🙂


  2. Bk Christopher

    Sweet brother when we talk about limits we got to say that God our Loving Father also got limits for the 5000 Years cycle cannot go beyond say 5001 years .and the drama cannot be changed infractions as it is accurate.God cannot give us more as the drama is fixed.What’s your opinion???


    • avyakt7

      In your belief system, do you believe that we are eternal beings? Then, what is the meaning of 5000 years or 70000 years or 10000000 years for an eternal being? Are those numbers able to give you a limit?


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