From “black or white” into Oneness


The starting point of our inner search for meaning in life, could be located into the “black or white” mentality.

Our consciousness may be able to see a “straight” line separating “good” and “bad.” 🙂
At that point the dichotomy of God and the Devil (Maya, illusion) will be needed to reinforce that consciousness.

As our consciousness changes its location, we may be able to see “more” than before or just plain “different.”

It is in that “new” location, when appreciation of differences on ways of doing things or understanding coming from “others,” appears.
That is the consciousness of acceptance or openness.

This blog illustrates that journey through many articles in it.

Once the baby is ready to walk with his own 2 feet, the crib of protection, which at one time was very helpful, becomes an obstacle in learning how to walk.
The need of the baby to walk around may be suppressed, it may be postponed; but eventually it becomes a matter of living or dying…and when life palpitates in our hearts with a tremendous force, the crib is no more.

When that change, that force to walk is coming out of a different consciousness, there is no pain, anger or feeling of guilt when leaving “the crib.” It is so obvious, as when we go from high school into college…

A friend of mine likes to send emails with thoughts and quotes that could elevate someone’s consciousness. One day, I read a quote from one of his emails that resonated tremendously with me. I couldn’t help but to search more about the author of that quote.

It was signed: “Hua Hu Ching.”
It was a book not an author.

The book is called the “unknown teachings of Lao Tzu.” However, I could see that this style of conveying depth is not Lao Tzu’s as in the “Tao Te Ching.”

We could go into details as to how the writings got there, but it is not necessary. The writings are there and Avyakt7 felt almost as if he was the writer of that book.

Some readers have expressed to me that this blog: “puts their own thoughts into words.”
That is how I felt with the “Hua Hu Ching.”

It was not only how succinct and deep the Hua Hu Ching is, but I have experienced as well those things in my own life.
Depth is the thing that entices Avyakt7 every time.

This book may not be understood intellectually by going literally into the words. It is a translation, and I would recommend to “feel it” first. If the words align with our consciousness and we could find experiences in our own life to give meaning to the words in that book, then we may feel that this book could allow us to “see” different things by being a reflection of our state of consciousness.

The book uses the term “Tao.” That word is not a religion (Although some may make it as a dogmatic religion.) It is Universal consciousness which binds all of us together. It is the “way of things” also known as Life, the Totality…

The book is not for everyone as everybody enjoys a different consciousness, but I thought about sharing this copy (while supplies last 🙂 )I found on the Internet; with those who have been following this blog for the last 2 years now.
You may appreciate this book, as I have done. (Spanish Version here)

Brain Walker is the translator of this book. He has done a great job in my view.

Avyakt7 feels ready to dissolve his role as every “life walker” must dissolve theirs and go on in his or her journey; by leaving the prints of their own steps in the trails of life.
Life is the journey. Enjoy the journey! 🙂


  1. Bhupendra Prasad

    Dear Brother,

    I have been a brahmakumar since 4 to 5 years. Celibacy has been a problem.

    But this year I am going for baba milan. They say one year celibacy is required. But it is not in my case.

    Please advice?


    • avyakt7


      In your belief system, you could go to “Baba’s milan” if you meet any of the conditions below :
      1) You follow some codes of conduct for a year
      2) You are a VIP
      3) You get special permission from a “someone”

      If celibacy is a problem, then stop making it a problem.

      Your intention determines the consequence of your actions. Sex is not bad nor good in itself.

      There is a document shared here called the “Hua Hu Ching.” There is good information there about celibacy.

      Hope that information will be helpful.
      All the best to you, my friend! 🙂


  2. eva szauter

    Thanks , i appreciate that you shared the Hua Hu Ching. I Take it slow , in this way i can experience. ”Always learning and being .”


  3. ingenious23

    Your posts are simply next level!
    And I have a question you always mention about “the office world”..where logic is vital..but what I feel is that to experience the oneness…there should not be any distiction of this sort.
    What are your thoughts about this?


    • avyakt7

      Language is dualistic. To explain something we may need to use comparisons. The “world at the office” is not bad nor good… It is part of life, but not life itself. 🙂


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