The truth will set you free…

Whenever the “I” chooses, there is no truth
The truth is in your heart. Choice is not a choice there.

Because we are one with Life, that which separates us (thinking) may only show us facts, but not truth.
Because Life changes, facts may remain unchanged; but the truth… may change.

John and Jane promised love to each other. That is the fact. The truth is that John did not feel love for Jane.
Perhaps John did not realize of that truth for he is not used to dealing with his heart, but he “thought” that he loved Jane. The “thought” will change and so…love.

A police officer entered a semi-dark room after hearing a shooting. He saw a man lying on the floor who was picking up a gun. The police officer shooted at that person for he thought that it was in self-defense.

The police officer killed an innocent man rather than an outlaw.

The fact is that an innocent man was killed. The truth is that the police officer did not intend to kill. The law may go by “facts,” but the truth may be outside those facts.

Whenever person “A” deals with person “B,” there will be facts, actions. However, the truth will be hidden in the intention of every person.

Thought only sees facts.
This why if someone calls himself “spiritual,” that person may need to have the honesty of not lying to himself, for every lie in order to look respectable will only create a dishonest person.
The truth will be hidden under the fact.

Who we really “are” will present as a need to express itself at different times.
When we acknowledge the need, we are opening for the opportunities that Life may present.
When the opportunity presents, we may choose.
When we choose, we open ourselves for many things: Beliefs to deal with, moral standards, expected behaviors… more things to think about.

When we do not choose but we “flow” according to what our heart dictates, we act in truth for there is no choice. Isn’t that paradoxical? Honesty is of the heart. No practice needed. Honesty is all what is required… but as Billy Joel may say:” Honesty is such a lonely word.”
To acknowledge our truth beyond pretty sentences and “elevated words,” is to align with the possibility of change.

That may be the change that religions and moralists are looking for: It is natural, wholesome, healthy when the process is respected.
When that change is supported by rigid ways, fear and repression the outcome will be a dishonest man sitting in a dark corner, waiting for the opportunity to act, when not seen.
For them, to “look good” has greater value than just being.

Every experience in Life will show us who we are.
What we see outside, is the reflection of what is inside.
To change what we see through a thought just to be “positive” is to be dishonest.
To acknowledge what we find in ourselves and to look for its root, is to change without trying to change; to be truthful… without knowing that meaning… because we don’t “think” that we know… we may. 🙂


  1. D. Vishwesh

    Amazing blog. One of the ways for going towards truth according to me is:
    ‘To learn from a child’. There are many things to learn from a small child. Living in present, doing , feeling and thinking in synchronicity( we teach them to change themselves), honesty in expressing emotions and many more. In that context, I feel, souls at young age are ‘ spiritual’ and near the truth which they lose with age and brainwashing by elders.


    • ahnanda

      Yes, indeed. However, we were children ourselves, thus; we cannot learn something which we already know. If you feel aligned with the contents of this blog, it is because you already know the things that Ahnanda is sharing… 🙂


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