Points in Depth: Love and more LoVe…

10. On Love, “real” love and the “Beloved.”
“Love is everything.”

To share experiences in the spiritual path has tremendous value to figure out the “ big puzzle.”
We have experiences and knowledge gives us the “map.” Many times we do not follow the map, but we are in agreement with the map after having walked the “destination” of the experience.

This awkward way has benefit, for it supports the validity of spiritual knowledge.

Here we start:

Thanks to the experiences of a friend of mine ( an exquisitely, generous warm heart-ed being of light) had the following realizations.

When we say that God “purify” us through yoga or transform us through a “connection,” we may describe what we perceive however, the actual “happening” may not be correct.

God respects every being. That respect is based on allowing a particular being to be as it is meant to be.
When we say that God is “changing” me, that is inaccurate. God couldn’t do that because that goes against respecting the current state of spiritual development and experience of a being. God business is not to “change” people. That is why we have society for.

God doesn’t knock doors. He is just waiting there, outside. Not only that but, God cannot change someone according to what HE is…that is lack of respect as well.
Then, how that “inner transformation” happens?

God is like a big reflective mirror. God enhances those qualities which we already have. That is Raja Yoga.
When I connect with Baba, what is in my heart, in my being will be enhanced as I receive that energy back in that communication, soul to soul. God is not adding anything to it or subtracting it, putting His “own things.” Those things which are soulful, those virtues, that love is what we ARE. It is just enhanced on the “way back” so we can recognize who we ARE. 🙂

What is the proof of that?

When we had a blissful, fulfilling experience in yoga, we feel happy, elated, we try to remember it, but …. we forget.
On the other hand, have you ever experienced the feeling of “meeting” your soul-mate? I mean, that person who alters all your hormones and make you feel “good,” elated, alive, etc?
This is what is known as “falling in love.”
You really fall. It becomes neediness.

Have you experienced the pain of not being close to that “loved one”? Have you experienced how your heart feels? Have you felt the pain?

Have you ever been able to forget that person? 🙂
Even though we are in pain through “falling in love,” we have not been able to forget that person.

Therefore, How can we forget BABA? How can we forget God if we had such a good yoga experience?
That is because Baba only shows you who you are.
And… we forget who we are…. 😉

Remember me alone, so you can remember yourself.
This is not about being dependent on God and “singing His praise.”
God is showing you who you are. Think about it.

Your “soul-mate” on the other hand; is showing you what you lack, what you need and … is fulfilling that and taking it away from you at any time… That is why, there is suffering and then craving, and then we cannot forget. We remember that which we need to feel complete.

The Drama is good:
Be thankful that someone is showing you what you need. Be determined to “be” that which you found is lacking in you. This is the meaning of learning through an experience in life.

Love to God Transforms. It is “self transformation” through “magnification.” God is complete. Therefore a “mirror.”

Love to others, “regenerate.” It allows us to feel life and feel fulfillment through love. The issue is that many feel that love is a transaction. Love is something to trade, to give but expecting something back, in return. Love is to possess, to expect, to use…. That idea, that attitude kills love. Degenerates it. To avoid consequences on this aspect so we do not “shut our heart down,” there is love to the self, that is “self-respect.”

To know love starts with self respect. Just like to know God, we need to know the self.

Everything starts in the self. Life is just a mirror to show us who we are at every second, at every moment, half a moment, etc. Life is constantly showing us who we are.

You’ve got to love that!


  1. B.K.Gayathri

    Om shanti brother.
    You explained very well about love. Yes, i agree that love to the self is having self respect and Baba just reflects our own virtues/ qualities to us and makes us realise who we are. Thanks for the jewels.


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