Questions: Curious questions with short answers

OM SHANTI: I am BK XXXXX from Kenya I wanted to ask that why in Jainism people believe that after attaining liberation from the bondage of karma, souls become supreme souls? In Jainism why do they believe that souls after attaining liberation they go the land of silence or nirvana dham for permanent? In Jainism they don’t know that after reaching the land of silence for permanent what do they do over there. In Jainism they don’t know the difference between souls and Supreme Soul, so how can they say that souls become supreme souls after attaining liberation from the bondage of karma? In Jainism they don’t know how souls came from the supreme abode to this physical world. In Jainism they don’t know when and how souls got binded by karma. Only they know is about physical violence. They don’t know that we create violence by thoughts, words and action. In Jainism why do they believe that the Dilwala Temple in Mt. Abu is of Jains? To the Jain people if we say that there is only one God, they never believe. Why is that so?

ANSWER: That is the way the Drama is made. Respect to variety of experiences and understandings at this time is necessary.

What checks BK centers have adopted across the Globe to prevent Criminals taking advantage of this Organization who can be potential threat to “peace loving people” especially in the era of terrorism?

ANSWER: That is not my “department.” This role merely churns knowledge.

Does Shiv baba know how many souls in this world??

ANSWER: Maybe. Maybe not. How can we ask Him if he is asochta? 🙂

Dear brother, As with many births karmic accounts to settle, even with knowledge and yoga, it is not just merely saying I should not perform a negative action that because it is rooted with vice, rather transforming that to positive. we cannot change our habits(which has the root that goes back to many births) just because it is negative action, rather we need to learn to transform these energies to be positive, for that “detached observer” is the key, I think. Please clarify if just taking orders from baba but not understanding will work?

ANSWER: The only “order” from Baba that I am aware of that is “timeless” and beyond “circumstances,” is “Consider yourself to be a soul and remember me alone.” That “order “ is about experience not just intellectual understanding.

OM SHANTI I wanted to ask that if I want to read full true and real daily murlis everyday from the internet,then in which website can i get the murlis?

ANSWER: I don’t know. Certainly, the only Murlis that this site will publish are the avyakt Murlis, which in my understanding, are very beneficial to study according to current times and circumstances.

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