Question: Is there any discretion for the ‘SOUL’ who is playing a ‘NIMIT ROLE’ in this eternal ‘DRAMA’ ? It is told by the spiritual leaders that “ The world is full of DEALITY: there is GOOD, there is BAD; there is PLEASURE, there is SORROW; there is VICE, there is VIRTUE; there is LIFE, there is DEATH; there is LIGHT, there is DARKNESS; The wise man takes all that is GOOD, rejecting all that is BAD”. If every event is happening as per the script of the DRAMA, Would you kindly elucidate on the ‘discretion’ for the SOUL who is playing a NIMIT role in this LOKUIK world?

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,

Once we have the knowledge of the Drama, then we can see that our knowledge of “good and bad,” as absolute categoricals is flawed. Things change according to time. Things happen as they are necessary.

When we are in bondage of “duality,” there is no escape from the experience of both sides of it. We cannot pursue pleasure alone without the experience of sorrow/pain. A virtue such as “discipline” could be a vice if if it is not balanced with “flexibility.” That is why, the Buddha Gautama taught about the “middle way.” However, Baba is teaching us the way to “get out” altogether from the experience of duality and that is through “soul consciousness,” for in that experience there is no duality. DETACHED OBSERVER.

Therefore, the wise man, will search to experience/understand that. The Drama is not in opposition to what we perceive as the “I,” but at this time, when we receive this knowledge; the Drama is helpful so we can settle our karmic accounts which are not allowing us to experience that soul consciousness.

Best wishes!

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