Point in Depth: Demystifying Heaven and Hell


“Heaven: The most elitist place ever created.” Avyakt7

As we grasp the depth of this knowledge, we can avoid speaking in terms which bring a “black or white” understanding and observe that in between something “black” and something “white” there is a range of color tones that need to be considered as well, for they exist; for those colors are “real.” This is what gyan calls, “numberwise.” In that range, there is variety of perception and experiences.

When we talk about Heaven, Paradise; we necessarily have to talk about “Hell.”
When we say, “This is heaven,” we have automatically “created” what is not Heaven and conveniently assigned to that the nice label of “Hell.” 🙂

We need to recognize that this Drama is about experiencing. There is a range of experiences which need to be experienced according to capacity.

“Happiness” is one of those magical words, which also brings its dual opposite; that is “sorrow.” The interesting aspect to “see” is that happiness can ONLY EXIST where there is sorrow. Why? Because duality works like that. We can only recognize happiness because we know about sorrow, we have experienced sorrow.

A Brahmin soul has the experience of “non-duality,” that is the only difference in experiences between a Brahmin soul and a non-Brahmin soul. That experience of “non duality” is what a Brahmin soul will call “heaven,” nevertheless; that experience of non-duality is never experienced by any other soul in the Drama. Therefore, a Brahmin experience of “paradise or heaven,” is merely a Brahmin experience which, among Brahmins will be a “numberwise” experience as well.
Therefore to say, “I am a BK soul and only BK souls go to heaven” is an oversimplification of looking at Gyan in depth. We are caught up with labels.

Every religion has made the same “mistake,” of assuring their followers the experience of this “unique” heaven. If you look at every religion which believes in “heaven” and “hell” there is a “black or white” understanding, a childish view, an oversimplification of something which only this Gyan has mentioned many times in different Murlis but which is hardly understood: NUMBERWISE.

A soul who comes for the first time in the cycle, in what is known as the “Copper age,” (Please don’t take that name literally as meaning a “third class ticket.” It is not like that,) that will be their “highest experience.” Their “heaven” will be there. Similarly when that same soul experiences his most degraded stage; that experience of “hell” will not be as “terrible” as it is for a Brahmin soul. Please see that those ranges of experiences differ among individuals.
The greatest mistake in understanding Gyan, which is meant to be “UNIVERSAL,” is to have the Brahmin soul experience as the “yardstick” as the measurement guide to “judge” all the other experiences from different souls.

That is why as we “grow up” in this knowledge, we will not be caught up in romantic words, or names which bring a “division” of something being better than something else.

Is the Golden age better than the Iron age? Wrong question. Please take away that “better” word. Even to call “Golden age” to the first experience of the cycle of time is misleading.
It is just the 4 seasons. Some experience all seasons, others do not. However within their own experiences there is the experience of duality, the experience of “happiness and sorrow,” the experience of “heaven and hell.”

We have different experiences, different capacities, different “realities,” but we have been taught to compare (better than, less than,) judge based on one standard know as the “truth” for all, and believe that only two colors exist, “black or white.”

In that dogmatic perception, we will miss the rainbow of possibilities.


  1. vvrisor

    Om Shanti
    While coming from Murli Class by walk in the evening, I was churning in my mind to identify the names of the colors for VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange & Red) which has got a lot of significance and spiritual message as it has the frequencey of light that are visible to human eye. After fininishing dinner, when I sat before the computer, it was a wonder Avyakt7, your post on “Heaven: The most elitist place ever created”. Ultimately it is the individual experience as you put it, “duality” and “range of experiences which need to be experienced according to capacity” and not to “judge based on one standard known as the “truth” for all, and believe that only two colors exist, “black or white.”- Thank you Avyakt7 for your ‘universal sharing of your experiences’.


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