Going deeper into duality


This writing will have greater depth than usual. Please be aware. 🙂

In Sakar murlis, we read all the time in one way or another about duality. Baba simply calls it : day and night; sin and virtue, worthy and unworthy, fame and defamation, good and evil, hell and paradise; etc. Next time we hear the Murli, please check for those concepts, which are opposite in the “typical way” of understanding.

The issue behind understanding “duality” in such a simplistic way is that we will be concerned about embracing one side and rejecting the other side. In such simple understanding, we will not realize that one side of duality brings automatically the other side.

How is that?

Pick good. You will know evil. Pick hell; you will know heaven. There is no way that we could isolate the experience of the other half by rejecting one side, as a matter of fact, if we do so; we will create a life of fear and tension. It is a ghost of fear.

The understanding of duality will give us freedom from the terrifying thought of “not following shrimat.”

In the world of duality then, we cannot pick one side and reject the other; that is insane.

In the world of spirituality, we go beyond both concepts. We embrace and transform. When we develop a greater understanding of duality, we can see that concepts such as man and woman or beautiful and ugly needs to be left behind in the wastebasket of concepts and definitions. Experience without a label.

Please see that our intellect has been trained to separate. We will see day and night as two separate things rather than a gradual continuation. To see this, requires a greater awareness.

Rather than seeing duality as opposite, we could see them as complements. In that complementary vision, we can see unity.

The Drama is about unity. Day changes into night gradually just to change again into daytime. It is a cycle.

Our mind caught up with ideas, concepts and senseless logic, will think that “day” is better than “night.”

Once we have knowledge, there is no question about “better” for that is an election of something over another thing, that selection automatically rejects one side and embraces the other. See? The bottom line is that we will experience both side whether we like it or not, then it makes greater sense to see both as “beneficial.” 🙂

Day and night are really separated as such in words, just as a concept, but they cannot be alone by themselves in “reality;” they are always together but their timing is different.

A deeper understanding of gyan will allow us to see that “timing” is everything. A good idea today may not be tomorrow. Knowledge is good now, but it is not always “good.”

As we mature in our understanding of gyan, we will see that being caught up in duality and expressing duality in our words, is a sure way to make mistakes. We are not seeing the full picture; we are just seeing one side of it.

In greater depth, we can appreciate that our minds are caught up in the concepts of duality, for the mind is duality itself.

What is the meaning of that?

Is God omnipresent or a personal God, a soul? 🙂

Do we see that there is duality in that question? Do we want to pick one side and reject the other? 🙂
Do we want to say that the truth is “day” and “falsehood” is night?

With that kind of logic we will be living in the world of rationality only, which is very, but very limited and far from going beyond duality.

The importance of God is not in a definition or a mind concept but in the experience.
Therefore, pick your concept. Defend it. Get upset. Prove with further logic…
It doesn’t matter 🙂
Picking one side means to acknowledge the other, for one side exists because of the other.

Free your awareness from duality and all of the sudden, we will see something different, which was hidden from the “intellectual” mind. That is freedom from the known.


  1. BK John Bhai Kumar

    Om Shanti Sweet Farishta Bindu Avyakt7 Bhai Ji

    Auspicious Confluence Age:

    Where Illusion meets Truth
    Vices meets Virtues
    Weaknesses meets (Spirtual) Powers
    Limitations meets the Unlimited
    the Perishable meets the Imperishable
    Death meets Birth (Life)
    Mortality meets Immortality
    Finite meets Infinite
    History (Past) meets Future in Present
    Body Consciousness meets Soul Consciousness
    Devil meets God
    Old meets New
    Corporeal meets Incorporeal
    Darkness meets Lightness
    Body meets Soul
    Chaos meets Still Point
    Impurity meets Purity
    Discontentment meets Contentment
    Obscurity meets Clarity
    Decay meets Creation
    Alloy meets Gold
    Stone meets Diamond
    Childishness meets Maturity
    Time meets Eternity
    Ego meets its True Self
    Destiny meets Origin
    End meets Beginning

    Love & Remembrance

    Om Shanti


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